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  • International Orders Resuming Monday

    International Orders Resuming Monday

    I appreciate your patience with us as we attempt to recover. We should be able to resume International orders beginning next week. As to my standard declaration, please expect processing delays.

    It takes a lot of paperwork to ship internationally and we are still missing many of the little processes and procedures we had in place to ensure compliance with a speedy delivery.

    EDIT: Please remember all orders from the Global USA Hub ship from the USA. If you want your order...
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  • One Step Closer

    One Step Closer

    STICKERS AND CANDY ARE BACK! I couldn't be more excited to be able to do stickers and send out candy again. I want to thank all of you amazing people for being so patient and understanding as we try our best to remain the XS you all love. You are so appreciated and you all brighten my cold, black heart, so thank you. We are still recovering, but each day we get one step closer to being at full service again. SteveO and I will continue to add updates as they occur. We may not be able to do it daily...
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  • [SOLVED] Phone System Down

    [SOLVED] Phone System Down

    I updated the phone system and now need to reprogram all of our phones. This might take me a day or two. Please send us a support ticket if you need order help.
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  • Phones Restored

    Phones Restored

    The phones have been restored
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  • EU Store Open - restocked

    EU Store Open - restocked

    I reopened the EU store and have been restocking it.
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  • [SOLVED] Phone system down

    [SOLVED] Phone system down

    We are having some issues with the phone system. Working on restoring it. Please submit tickets to support in the meantime
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  • Mexico Shipping Suspended

    Mexico Shipping Suspended

    I'm not sure what happened now but it seems impossible to ship to Mexico. I have suspended all shipments, therefore. It's always been hit or miss but nothing is getting through anymore. Please consider finding alternative shipping options.
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  • New Colored Envelopes

    New Colored Envelopes

    We just got a shipment of Purple Bubble envelopes will be using for economy shipping for the guys.
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  • Extremely Short Staffed! Customs, Affiliates, Customer Assistance (Help is on the way)

    Extremely Short Staffed! Customs, Affiliates, Customer Assistance (Help is on the way)

    Silvia has been in and out over the last month because she has an illness she's fighting.
    KateD is out being pregnant
    We are already short a person in our Memphis facilities

    Its basically me and Hayley alone trying to handle everything. I know there have been delays in customs but I'm asking for everyone's extended patience.

    Affiliates will be paid today. I thought they already were, but I was wrong!
    Customs should be caught up by tomorrow
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  • Thursday July 4th Holiday

    Thursday July 4th Holiday

    Its a holiday on July 4th so no USA shipping

    Also on Friday Hayley and I will only be working a partial day. Friday only FedEx, Express and Priority orders will be shipping. We're not trying to work to hard so please take advantage of the economy free shipping...
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  • EUphoricXS.com Updates

    EUphoricXS.com Updates

    I've added tons of new functionality to EUphoricXS.com so please be patient in case you encounter any glitches. The site, when fully upgraded in the next week, will have all the features we will begin adding to USXS in the coming weeks. So many exciting features too. Everything I've been hinting at over the last couple of years has finally come to fruition....
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  • Job Opening - EU Hub (Sofia Bulgaria)

    Job Opening - EU Hub (Sofia Bulgaria)

    I am looking for a site manager for my Sofia Bulgaria location: EU Director of Customer Happiness

    If you're in Sofia, or no somebody, XS is a pretty cool company to work for. Please have them follow the posted ads instructions on how to apply.
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  • US or EU store? (South East Asia)

    US or EU store? (South East Asia)

    Hey everyone,

    I am currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia and I was wondering if anyone can enlighten me whether i should order from USA or EU store?

    Will it affect the convenience and shorter shipping time or it's the same?

    About to order xist again after quite a long break.

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  • EU Members EUphoricXS.com

    EU Members EUphoricXS.com

    Well after much ado its finally here: EUphoricXS...
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  • EU HUB Product Stock and Important Info

    EU HUB Product Stock and Important Info

    I have great news for our European Union friends!

    You are NOW able to order 10ml and 30ml XiSt from our EU Hub and have it delivered to your door without customs opening your package. Most packages are delivered right to your front door (depending on the country) in as little as few days. We've successfully shipped a few packages across the EU to about as far away as possible. The slowest package arrived in 7 days, while the fastest was 3.

    Because we are in the...
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  • New Shipping Deadline/Cutoff for 2015!!! 2:00 p.m. US-CST

    New Shipping Deadline/Cutoff for 2015!!! 2:00 p.m. US-CST

    To all of our wonderful customers & friends worldwide, Due to the growing nature of our business including, but not limited to, continuing increases in the quantity of orders received, customization of products, special order requests, etc., we are both pleased & dismayed to announce the following change to the daily shipping deadline/cutoff time for same day shipments: Effective immediately; Shipping Deadline/Cutoff time has changed to M-F 2:00 p.m.US Central Standard Time (CST) which is 6 h...
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  • Progress On EU Fulfillment Center

    Progress On EU Fulfillment Center

    As you should be aware I spent a few days in the EU in early December meeting with important government officials working to bring my dream to fruition. I was extremely impressed by all those that I met including shipping representatives from several companies. While I won't ever reveal all the details of our new EU Fulfillment Center the basic premise is to be able to ship "most" EU orders directly from the EU eliminating all VAT, taxes and any customs delays or stoppages. These orders would work...
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