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Potential Delays

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  • USA Snow closing (Updated)

    USA Snow closing (Updated)

    It's official: Due to snow and extreme cold, our USA facilities will be closed this week

    UPDATE: We tried to go in today, but the weather decided to sleet this morning. Roads are treacherous and not worth risking our lives.

    UPDATED 1/22: The extreme cold has finally broken here in South-West Tennessee. We've been stuck in our houses for an entire week as it snowed on the holiday last Monday, and temps dipped and stayed in the low 20s to single digits. Typically, we get...
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  • Stock Update

    Stock Update

    XiSt 10ml back in stock
    APi back in stock
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  • Early Cutoff Monday 11/20

    Early Cutoff Monday 11/20

    We will be leaving a bit early: The order cutoff will be 1pm
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  • Update 11/07

    Update 11/07

    Hi guys!

    Just wanted to throw out another small update! We are getting things put together, and we have high hopes for the future! I noticed that some things were showing out of stock when we have them available, so I fixed that. However, we still do not have Xist or Evolve yet. I know a lot of you guys are looking forward to those products returning, so just bear with us! We will be back to showing the full XS experience very soon! We have multiple packages coming in daily so we can...
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  • New Building Update

    New Building Update

    Hey guys, it's me again!

    I just wanted to give as much of an update as I can. Things are so hectic around here, but we are making very good progress! We have two new hires, Lia and Kyle. They will be making posts and stuff as soon as we can get them set up on the forum. You will also see Lia's name on your notes for your orders now! We finally got everything from the old building, so it is an absolute mess in here right now, but SteveO and I are very excited for the way the office is...
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  • Making Progress

    Making Progress

    Hi guys! I wanted to give an update about our situation since it's been a minute. We finally got the table tops today, so we will spend today and tomorrow putting the tops on the legs and rearranging everything to our liking. Once that is done, SteveO will be attempting to make blends, but we have to figure out what molecules we do and do not have in stock. Depending on what we have, we will make the products you guys have been missing! Some of the products will take a minute to come back into stock,...
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  • XS Closed Sept 4th through 8th - No Shipping

    XS Closed Sept 4th through 8th - No Shipping

    We just signed a lease for our new digs. Plenty of space to expand. We will be moving and setting up all week.

    This means NO SHIPPING next week. We need to get utilities, including wifi, garbage, water, gas, and electricity, and then move in the stuff we saved and then put together all the new stuff. With that, we should have our phone system restored soon too.

    If you order during this week we will not be able to ship orders until the following week. we will NOT refund...
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  • Storm Recovery Efforts - Daily Updates

    Storm Recovery Efforts - Daily Updates

    UPDATE: Thursday 9/28 ~ Delivery of lab and shipping tables. Waiting on new glassware and other supplies. Once we are able to set up a lab we can begin assessing what we have and need so we can remake products.

    UPDATE: Monday 9/18~ So we have the new space but there is so much to do. Everything needs to be replaced and then we wait for deliveries. Unpack the boxes and set up whatever was in the box. So far we have a conference table and a couple of chairs.

    This is going...
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    Last edited by Hayley; 09-01-2023, 10:16 AM.

  • Storms have devastated our TN facilities!

    Storms have devastated our TN facilities!

    A severe thunderstorm ripped the roof off our facilities in Millington TN today. Everything has been destroyed or severely damaged.

    The office building was XS: https://wreg.com/weather/weather-wea...torm-nws-says/



    UPDATE 6/27: Since the building is structurally unsound with missing walls and roof the property is considered unsafe and therefore...
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  • [UPDATED 2/3] Ice-Storm Warning - Expect Delays

    [UPDATED 2/3] Ice-Storm Warning - Expect Delays

    The National Weather Service has issued an ice-storm warning for the Memphis area. They are expecting 1/4 to 1/2 inches of ice. If this occurs, the office will remain closed. This shouldn't affect any of today's shipments, but please keep in mind that FedEx's main hub is also here in Memphis.

    Please check back here for updates.

    Here are links to our local news station and the weather channel
    WREG Memphis News Channel 3
    Weather Channel

    UPDATE Wednsday...
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  • [UPDATED] USA Severe Weather Closing

    [UPDATED] USA Severe Weather Closing

    Friday 23rd
    The roads here are one giant sheet of ice. The biggest issue is salt and ice melt do not work in these brutal temperatures. I've called my local USPS and they have not answered leaving me to believe they are closed. FedEx will not pick up our local box when there is severe weather. We are at 0 degrees with a wind chill of -18. Everything is frozen!

    Orders will not ship until Tuesday.

    Please stay safe.

    Thursday 22nd
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  • [SOLVED] BFCM Orders to go

    [SOLVED] BFCM Orders to go

    Hi everyone, thank you for the overwhelming response to our annual sale. We still have about 50 more orders to ship, not including the 50-ish of custom orders. We should be finished shipping all by tomorrow or Friday.

    Thank you again for being a part of the XS family.
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  • FedEx International Tech Issues

    FedEx International Tech Issues

    FedEx is currently experiencing technical issues with their shipping management software that is preventing us from shipping any FedEx International. Every time we go to ship since this morning, we get an error that no customs options are available. Usually, these things correct themselves after an hour, but this has been all day. I finally called Tech Support, and after 20 minutes of confirming it was I, they told me the system is experiencing tech difficulties and might be restored in the next...
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  • [SOLVED] US Office Offline 8/23

    [SOLVED] US Office Offline 8/23

    Our ISP is currently offline. We are patiently waiting for it to come back online.

    This means no phone calls, emails, support or anything else until we have Internet.
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  • [SOLVED] FedEx Global Priority Issues

    [SOLVED] FedEx Global Priority Issues

    Having some issues with FedEx Global Priority. Most FedEx orders have been processed but there are a couple that the page never loads. Brings up a wait error dialogue but never actually loads. Not sure why but it's definitely on the FedEx side.

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  • Potential Shipping Delays

    Potential Shipping Delays

    Its Monday and everyone, except me, has called out sick. FedEx and anything other than economy shipping will ship first. If I can get to the others I will, but there are a lot of the others and they take priority. Tickets will probably be delayed in answering too. Be patient and be nice.
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  • Severe Weather Closing Wednesday

    Severe Weather Closing Wednesday

    As of 12pm I sent everyone home and called it a day. There is a severe weather outbreak here in the Memphis/Mid-South area with straight-line winds at 20mph and gusts of 50mph. Damaging winds, large hail, and possibly a tornado with some storms.

    We are currently under a tornado watch. Retail orders placed before noon were shipped, but anything after will ship tomorrow. Please understand the well-being of my team is far more important than anything else. I don't typically let these types...
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  • Potential Weather Closings Thursday/Friday February 3/4

    Potential Weather Closings Thursday/Friday February 3/4

    West TN is under an Ice Storm Warning for Thursday, February 3rd with freezing temps continuing into Friday. If this storm occurs we will not be in the office to ship. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

    As always I will make the attempt to get into the office unless conditions make driving dangerous. I have a Jeep Wrangler so usually, I'm okay with snow, but ice and nobody drives. I'll keep the site updated here
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  • Closing Early today

    Closing Early today

    One of our USA team members has been exposed to COVID so we are going to get some tests done. I'll keep you posted.
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  • Potential Weather Delays

    Potential Weather Delays

    The Memphis region got a very tiny dusting of snow and ice this morning so in typical Southern fashion, everything is closed. I've always wondered what's the point of all these big pickup trucks with 4 wheel drive if people are too afraid to drive them?

    Anyway, I have a Jeep and learned to drive in NJ where we get lots of snow and ice so no issues with getting here. The issue is will the post office be open and will FedEx actually pick up? I am preparing all orders to ship but...
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  • BF/CM 21 Orders

    BF/CM 21 Orders

    After today we will have about 50 more orders from the sale to ship and then we will work on customs.

    Thanks to everyone for being patient.
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  • EU - NO SHIPPING 10/15/21

    EU - NO SHIPPING 10/15/21

    There will be no elelctricity in most part of Sofia ,so we are unable to ship tommorrow.
    Will be back Monday.
    Happy Weekend.
    SteveO is the best
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  • Labor Day Sale Shipping Update

    Labor Day Sale Shipping Update

    We are working really hard to get out everyone's order from the sale shipped by tomorrow. We might even be able to begin on the custom orders too.
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  • Australia - USPS Has Suspended Services

    Australia - USPS Has Suspended Services

    The Australian Government, in a seemingly draconian step, has closed off the entire country to any shipping.

    You can and should check for service disruptions on the USPS site before ordering here: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/serv...international/

    We will either have to ask our Australian clients to upgrade their shipping to FedEx or figure something out. Please be patient as this is a brand new situation that was just sprung on all of us.

    FedEx Service...
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    Hey loves,
    XSteveO is the bestest boss ever.
    Friday 13th I'll be leaving early so the cutoff is at noon for shipping.

    I will be on summer vacation at the beach: August 16th through 20th. The team will check orders and give you options on shipping from USA.

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