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Minor Product Changes

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  • EU Price Increase

    EU Price Increase

    Our prices have stayed the same throughout operations all these years, but our costs have increased significantly. Therefore prices have increased on retail products by 5% from $37.97 to $39.97.

    Please keep in mind we are still not charging any VAT or other taxes even though we incur them when importing. If I were to add VAT and other import fees it would add up to about 10% higher charges so I am trying to keep them at a minimum. As I figure, splitting them 50/50 keeps us in business...
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  • Putative Alternative Spray Price Increase

    Putative Alternative Spray Price Increase

    The base price for the Putative Alternatives has increased to $39.97 from $32.97. This allows me to offer these up to 100mcg per spray in 10ml spray option. I will be adding the 30ml in the next couple of hours (available up to 50mcg per spray)
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  • Molecule Ingredient Price Decrease

    Molecule Ingredient Price Decrease

    As I am sure, everyone has experienced an increase in pricing everywhere. It's unfortunate most big companies are jacking up their bottom line and, at the very same time, reporting record profits. Not surprisingly, this greatly affects every small business as we are reliant on many of those services. The price of mail, fuel surcharges, envelopes, bottles, and nearly every aspect of our business costs has increased significantly. XS has made a conscious decision to keep our pricing to our dear clients...
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  • Fragrance options

    Fragrance options

    I've corrected the glitch that forced a cover scent on Beta and Custom products and added all options (male and female) to select. Please remember while pheromones use masculine/feminine molecules to steer the blend for the desired result, they can and are worn by anyone. Hence the option to now fragrance a blend with male or female fragrances or leave unscented by default.
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  • Awesome Party Pack

    Awesome Party Pack

    Now includes Artisan blends for both men and women.

    It will change the discount amount by a little depending on the product price. I'm going to add pricing for all Lifetime Discounts too....
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  • XS187 Pimp Demoted

    XS187 Pimp Demoted

    XS187 Pimp is now a custom order meaning it might delay your order. I have also fixed the description and the fragrances.
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  • New (old) Oil Bottles

    New (old) Oil Bottles

    We've gone back to the Amber glass bottles with the euro droppers (white) because I cannot depend on the quality of the clear glass bottles. Every batch either came with the wrong dropper, the dropper leaked, the wrong bottle, or the bottle itself didn't allow for a good seal of the cap and thus leaked. These are the original dropper bottles we used with no problems for years. I'm just not willing to sacrifice quality.

    The oil bottles will come with the white Euro dropper attached with...
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  • Oil Bottles Dropper Type

    Oil Bottles Dropper Type

    Its now your choice which dropper bottle type you'd like with your oil bottle

    Dropper Types

    All Oil Bottles are shipped with a polycone cap to prevent leakage.

    We value our clients feedback, which is why we offer 2 different types of dropper caps.
    • Euro Dropper: It inserts a plastic orifice reducer that when turned allows a drop to form in the center which accordingly should drip onto your finger. Drops tend to vary in size with leakage repo
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  • New Labels

    New Labels

    I'm uploading new product images incorporating the new label designs and some other meaningful data.

    Here is how to read the label. The main color is the main GOALS color. The Blue, Pink or Orange small band will tell you the primary gender to use the blend (although every blend is basically gender neutral). We made the name vertical for an easier identification and selected an individual background image for each product. We kept our trademark of the XS Heart and removed any...
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    Desire Me + Spray and Oil are now Desire Me and the same formula.

    If you're looking for copulin oil (formerly known as Desire Me oil) please go to pheromone molecules oil and you will find our copulin oil formula. Coming in the next couple weeks Copulin Spray.
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  • Exotica Downgraded To Artisan

    Exotica Downgraded To Artisan

    Just an FYI.
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  • ODYSSEY Downgraded to Artisan

    ODYSSEY Downgraded to Artisan

    Odyssey will be downgraded to an Artisan blend in the coming weeks. Only difference will be no 30ml bottles, but everything the same. It just makes more sense to keep molecules freed up for other blends
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  • Celebrity - Unisexy Retail 30ml

    Celebrity - Unisexy Retail 30ml

    Celebrity is now available as a Unisexy Retail Product with 30ml also available.
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  • Celebrity and Mascot

    Celebrity and Mascot

    When these two were originally made and the subsequent XS103 Celebrity/W there was a very slight difference in molecules. One extra molecule for Celebrity but otherwise they could have been easily Unisexy. When I formulated Celebrity/W I guess I realized they were really exactly the same except the womens version had a single extra drop of a molecule.

    I've changed all that and now Mascot and Celebrity and Unisexy Artisan blends and Celebrity Women is merged with Celebrity Unisexy....
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  • Oil Return Policy Change

    Oil Return Policy Change

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  • Samples FYI

    Samples FYI

    Just a slight change to samples. As we grow as a company samples become very expensive, but still necessary. Its expensive to make them but its a cost well spent in my view, However we always went about 2 mL to fill them bottles and well that's a full week of sampling.

    I had to make a financial decision to ensure the viability of the company and the plans we have. So we've gone ahead with a 1 mL sample fill. You still get a few solid days of testing which is perfect to decide if you...
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  • New 10ml Oil Bottles

    New 10ml Oil Bottles

    New bottles are in. Boston Rounds but clear.

    Oh my goodness they look awesome
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  • All Mix and Match including (B)ACE

    All Mix and Match including (B)ACE

    I just realized the prices weren't the same for these so I fixed them to all reflect 19% off. That means (B)ACE spray went up $3 but oil went down about $20. Unisexy and Women also went down $5 each.

    Thanks for putting up with my borderline OCD as I try to get everything into alignment.

    Has anybody seen the bridge? Where's that confounded bridge?...
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  • 30Ml on taboo

    30Ml on taboo

    If this is the wrong place, I apologize...
    I notice that Taboo has a size upgrade option but no box to tick. Is this something work in progress that we can expect soon?
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  • Women's Mix & Match Pack Now Available!

    Women's Mix & Match Pack Now Available!

    I wanted the ladies to have a pack just like the Unisexy and the guys have ACE and BCE. So I created the Women's Mix & Match Pack. You can now any 3 products in the spray section (10 ml) and save an automatic 25% off.

    Enjoy and have fun ordering your favorite three https://pheromonexs.com/pheromones-f...atch-pack.html...
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  • Unisexy Mix and Match (Improved Savings) other options

    Unisexy Mix and Match (Improved Savings) other options

    I changed the price so instead of a flat $25 off you now get 25% off which is about $4 more in savings.

    I also rearranged all the options to match everything else so they are all in order too.

    AND I added Love Boat to the pack as an option

    You can check it out here: https://pheromonexs.com/Unisexy-pher...atch-pack.html
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  • Love Boat (Formerly XS111) 30 ml Available.

    Love Boat (Formerly XS111) 30 ml Available.

    Got some chemicals in today (YEAH) and so Love Boat is now also a 30 ml. Same pricing configuration as the other 30 ml upgrades. Only $20 more for 66% more.

    Check it out here: Love Boat (Formerly XS111)
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  • New Label Design

    New Label Design

    You'll start to see a new design on the bottles to meet the ever changing requirements of INCI, IFRA and other standardized procedures to ensure labels are readable no matter what country. We removed the ingredients and replaced them with a generic term for fragrances, but most ingredients can still be found on product page. We brought the name of the product out to front and center so you can see it clearly too. I think you'll like how it looks. We still have a considerable amount of the old label...
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