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  • Exotica Downgraded To Artisan

    Exotica Downgraded To Artisan

    Just an FYI.
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  • ODYSSEY Downgraded to Artisan

    ODYSSEY Downgraded to Artisan

    Odyssey will be downgraded to an Artisan blend in the coming weeks. Only difference will be no 30ml bottles, but everything the same. It just makes more sense to keep molecules freed up for other blends
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  • Tennessee Sales Tax.

    Tennessee Sales Tax.

    I'm not sure exactly how any of its going to work, but TN is now forcing etailers to collect sales tax. My accountant is looking into it all for us. This means either we are going to be collecting sales tax, or add it into the cost of the product. Tax is 9.5%. I do know shipping has increased too so we will need to look at some options to keep the costs down. One way is to increase the free shipping threshold.

    Just thoughts right now until I have a full understanding, but as always...
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  • Updates Updates

    I've added tons of new functionality to so please be patient in case you encounter any glitches. The site, when fully upgraded in the next week, will have all the features we will begin adding to USXS in the coming weeks. So many exciting features too. Everything I've been hinting at over the last couple of years has finally come to fruition....
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  • Shipping Rates 2019

    Shipping Rates 2019

    I haven't calculated everything but there will be some increases to shipping in 2019. I just wanted everyone to know as soon as I could so there isn't any shock.

    As always we will still be offering USPS First Class Mail for free (when you spend a certain amount) but will be changing the name to Economy Shipping as we will be shipping from different locations.

    I'm pretty sure we are the only pheromone company to offer International Shipping for free and that won't be changing,...
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  • Oil Return Policy Change

    Oil Return Policy Change


    EFFECTIVE JULY 25, 2018: Oil blends are sold “as is” without warranty. They will no longer be accepted as a refundable/returnable or otherwise exchangeable item*

    Oils are exact replicas of spray blends that are super-concentrated (typically up to 7 times stronger than sprays) therefore requiring a hot environment with prolonged exposure times to be effective.

    If you live in a cool or moderate temperature climate it is highly recommended you use...
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  • XS is hiring Web-design Photoshop Pro

    XS is hiring Web-design Photoshop Pro

    Graphic Artist
    I'm looking to hire a pro graphic artist for banners and web-design stuff.

    Respond here and. I'll set up a meeting.

    You should have a portfolio and be a pro.

    This is a virtual office position so you can work from home....
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  • Welcome Androtics Customers

    Welcome Androtics Customers

    Thanks everybody for taking the time to write us here at XS about your Androtics (AD) questions. Please understand that at one time, many years ago, I was a consultant for AD, hired specifically to discuss pheromones. I never had any access to formulas, putative molecules or any other ingredients. I answered pheromone questions.

    All of us here at XS have been repeatedly made aware of AD’s sudden departure and while I do find that sad (competition is always a good thing) I need to...
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  • Glitches and other stuff gone wrong - Our Monkeys have gone crazy!

    Glitches and other stuff gone wrong - Our Monkeys have gone crazy!

    Just a heads up everyone, there MIGHT be some crazy little glitches and stuff happening in the shopping cart as we put the final touches on the new release. Keeping our shopping cart upgraded with the latest version is very, very important to your experience and online safety.

    I'm very excited about the new marketplace and how many awesome features it has. Just a small sampling of what you can expect: instant chat, product QandA, split payment options, Ticket system built in to the...
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  • Introducing Veronika (Roni)

    Introducing Veronika (Roni)

    Check out our new spokes model:

    She's the model in our Spring Sale banner and you'll be seeing a lot more of her. I think the guys will appreciate her instagram page.
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  • EU Members

    EU Members

    Well after much ado its finally here: EUphoricXS

    After years of planning, much bureaucracy and red-tape, some corruption, we’ve been successful in opening our newest home in Sofia Bulgaria. All of our EU friends will now be able to order directly from our new website servicing your needs directly.

    No more worry about shipping delays, customs clearance, ever increasing shipping charges, and hoping beyond hope you won’t have to pay outrageous VAT and other fees and taxes....
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  • Alberta Canada Fires Charitable Appeal

    Alberta Canada Fires Charitable Appeal

    PheromoneXS is deeply saddened so many lives have been drastically changed because of the Alberta fires. Houses can be rebuilt and material can be replaced, but losing everything is all the same devastating! Having so many of our friends and clients residing in Canada all of us at XS felt it was important to give back what we could.

    That's why XS pledges to donate a minimum of $500 USD to the Canadian Red Cross, specifically for the Alberta Fires Appeal. As a community we hope...
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  • New Lab - Pictures of construction

    New Lab - Pictures of construction

    Been building out our new lab with lots of storage and party space. Figured I'd take some pictures of the build. We will be doing the FAQ videos here, when completed, just in case you're wondering where they are. We are also adding in a streaming video cam if possible. The lab will be off limits for all video and recording devices though, for obvious reasons. The lounge area will have a Wii and maybe playstation4 with 3D TV and Blue-ray. We have some very cool lights and fun features planned. Its all coming together nicely, but the key thing is space. We were previously using the sp...
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  • Introduction - XS Spanish Language Markets Manager

    Introduction - XS Spanish Language Markets Manager

    I can’t express how happy I am to be a part of the XS Family here, really cool for me & looking forward to an awesome 2015 with everyone! I will start off by saying that I have spent a good deal of my adult life, with regard to my professional course, in the field of Marketing, with a huge emphasis on global market penetration/acquisition strategies, and resource sourcing (fancy way of saying; buyers and sellers of products all over the world – so it sounds like I know what I’m talking about, but, everyone also knows I’m down with the real people >>>...
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  • Introducing XS Operations Director and other restructuring changes

    Introducing XS Operations Director and other restructuring changes

    A Big hello from all of us at the XS Labs.

    XS has been growing well beyond the capabilities of just Idle, Kate and myself and we’ve brought on some incredible people, already with us, behind the scenes. I’ve made reference to them a few times by name but have wanted to do a more formal introduction and properly welcome them to our community.

    Before XS. If you had asked me 7 years ago, when I had first created my ICM mix, about where I’d be today I couldn’t even have imagined pheromoneXS. I was content working as a consultant, sharing my love and passion for pheromones with others. I loved pheromones so much and how they were changing my life that just a short...
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  • Resolved: Support email migh bounce your emails

    Resolved: Support email migh bounce your emails

    UPDATE: Problem Resolved

    Hey everyone if you are experiencing problems with the support email please use

    to submit your tickets.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    the situation will be resolved as soon as possible.
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  • PheromoneXS Statement on The Heartbleed Bug

    PheromoneXS Statement on The Heartbleed Bug

    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that The Heartbleed bug was patched a few hours after its release(2 days ago). As you know we always keep our servers and platforms secure and updated The Heartbleed is a defect in OpenSSL, a core cryptographic library that is used to protect communications on the Internet. This flaw affects a substantial number of applications and services running on the Internet. We have no evidence that PheromoneXS and DiscoverXS user credentials were compromised, but recommend that our customers change their passwords as a precautionary measure. Due to the widespread nature of this vulnerability, we recommend changing your passwords across the web too. For mobiles Google recently announced that andoid phones running Android OS newer than 4.1.1 are immune to th...
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  • Philippines Relief - A Community Plea!

    Philippines Relief - A Community Plea!

    We are deeply saddened by the recent devastation in the Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our community friends and everyone else affected by this tragedy.

    pheromoneXS pledges that 10% of all product sales for the entire week of November 10th through November 16th will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross. We urge everyone to also make a direct contribution by following this link: We are one community! Please help make a difference. ...
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  • New Team Member: Welcome Idle

    New Team Member: Welcome Idle

    Many of you might have already assumed that Idle, a close personal friend of mines, has worked for pheromone for a while, but you wouldn't be quite right. You see, I have been begging Idle to come work for me for about a year now. We have been pretty close friends since back in the early days of Androtics and everything he has done, has been out of generosity on his part. When it comes to somebodies character that's all I really have to say. The guy has built and rebuilt all my sites and tirelessly made change after change. All the whi...
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  • An Open Letter about the recent attacks against XS

    An Open Letter about the recent attacks against XS

    Some of you might have read the terrible things that certain people are writing about the XS brand and more personally myself. These persons are creating malicious lies and spreading such to cause harm to my business, which as you all know is my passion and dream. I take these accusations seriously and can assure you there is absolutely nothing nefarious, criminal, or otherwise deceptive that has occurred. Earlier this year a very dear and close friend of mine approached me about some people he knew that were interested in creating an online pheromone store. It was a group of several European gentlemen I have come to favor in high regards for...
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  • Pheromone Answer Line - Operational Hours

    Pheromone Answer Line - Operational Hours

    Since I'm the one answering calls I wanted to post a little bit about my available hours. Monday through Friday 4 am to 7 pm US CST (GMT-6) I make every effort to answer the phone whenever possible. I changed the morning hours to reflect the shipping rush. If you have any customer care questions about your order KateD is available to answer your inquiries every weekday from 9-10 am. Its highly recommended to submit a help ticket for the quickest possible assistance, especially order changes. I get orders printed and shipped usually within minutes of coming in. On one hand this is awes...
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  • Your Research Opportunity: The REAL Future of Pheromone Technology!

    Your Research Opportunity: The REAL Future of Pheromone Technology!

    The Pheromone Molecule Research Area - Private is the basis for this entire forum and completely private to anyone who is not invited to join in on the testing. To gain early access you must be a proven molecule researcher who I’ve personally interacted with, or be sponsored by one of the other pheromone researchers. You can identify these individuals by noticing their user names are in green. This does not indicate that they have any special privileges over you or the community as a whole. We are ALL equal here and everyone’s voice counts. These are members who showed an ability and desire to research...
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