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Extremely Short Staffed! Customs, Affiliates, Customer Assistance (Help is on the way)


  • Extremely Short Staffed! Customs, Affiliates, Customer Assistance (Help is on the way)

    Silvia has been in and out over the last month because she has an illness she's fighting.
    KateD is out being pregnant
    We are already short a person in our Memphis facilities

    Its basically me and Hayley alone trying to handle everything. I know there have been delays in customs but I'm asking for everyone's extended patience.

    Affiliates will be paid today. I thought they already were, but I was wrong!
    Customs should be caught up by tomorrow
    Customer service should be caught up by tomorrow too

    Very sorry about this all, but yeah. I've been beating my head against the wall trying to find someone to work with us here in Memphis but all those people posting on job boards they want a job desperately actually don't want a job. Its ridiculous how many people don't reply, or just don't show up for a scheduled interview. AHHH I want to pull my hair out

    I did get some great news this morning that Leslie was available again and she'll be here tomorrow to help us out.

    I know at least a couple have asked working remotely but honestly I couldn't even think about that as I need someone locally to help with the work load. I can't just hire someone remotely because there's not enough Customer Service work to do for more than 1 person full-time and that's KateD. We need help, but I need that person to be on site to help in all areas.

    • XSteveO
      XSteveO commented
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      Leslie will be in tomorrow so I'm excited about that. She was a part of the team, back a couple years ago so she will just need some refresher training. I think we've finally got it covered.

    • Muestereate
      Muestereate commented
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      XSteveO @Bobbijo hopped on the other day and mentioned she was still around.

    • XSteveO
      XSteveO commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks everybody, Leslie is already back up to speed and packing orders as I write this. I trained both Leslie and Hayley how to respond to tickets and Silvia already has a good idea on it too. We are pretty much all caught up. It was just one of those things.

      I really miss Bobbi, but that's another story for another time and we will just leave that right there.
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