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We welcome community suggestions and are happy to answer questions. You may ask specific questions about products here, like mcg per spray, contents… (we may not answer). While pheromone questions go in their respective categories in the community such as how do I use this?.

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  • IT Bug

    IT Bug

    The store website stopped recognising my email today. Says “Email address was not found in our system”. I always use auto fill so no chance of error from my side. When I browsed and ordered things on Friday and Saturday there was no such problem. As a first-time customer with 2 pending orders I’m worried.
    XSteveO or someone form the company can you please have your IT solved?
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  • Customer Support QandA populated now

    Customer Support QandA populated now

    I'm populating the most popular questions and answers on our support suite for easy use by our community.

    You can use the chat beacon on the store if you have a general question and it will bring up the answer or go directly to our support page here: https://pheromonexs.helpscoutdocs.com/

    This will continuously be updated as questions arise.
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  • pheromoneXS Chat Function

    pheromoneXS Chat Function

    The bottom right of the store website is a purple chat icon. You can leave a support ticket, or get to our FAQ for common questions (I'm populating the FAQ over the next week), or select chat to chat with us. It should be on most normal business hours, but we are getting used to it so there may be a few times when we are not (lunch, Jello Shots, Beer-Pong, Naked Karaoke).

    Answers will direct you to our FAQ (when completed) and Ask will give you the option to Email Us or Chat (when available)....
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  • Rone Love Descrption Clarification

    Rone Love Descrption Clarification

    While reviewing the site information I came across a seeming discrepancy.

    I already ordered it but haven't gotten to testing yet and was hoping for some insight.

    From the XS site -

    "LOVE RONE? So do we! This is a well balanced blend that utilizes all of our RONE molecules, but has a way to not overdo things. Not for everybody and not well balanced, but if you're into RONE this is a good blend to have."

    My first consideration is that it...
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  • XS is hiring Web-design Photoshop Pro

    XS is hiring Web-design Photoshop Pro

    Graphic Artist
    I'm looking to hire a pro graphic artist for banners and web-design stuff.

    Respond here and. I'll set up a meeting.

    You should have a portfolio and be a pro.

    This is a virtual office position so you can work from home....
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  • Euphorixs samples - Question for the Phero King

    Euphorixs samples - Question for the Phero King

    Due to one of my staples being out of stock I'm debating ordering from the EU site. I would like to know whether the EU sister also sends out samples with the orders....
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  • Welcome Androtics Customers

    Welcome Androtics Customers

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  • EU Cover Scents

    EU Cover Scents

    Is there a plan to get the versions with cover scent in the EU store? At the moment only the neutral versions are available
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  • A small request for changes, for the top menu.

    A small request for changes, for the top menu.

    Hello Administrator or discoverxs developer,
    To check the notifications, messages and my login menu, I have to scroll way back to the top.
    So if possible, I request you that the
    | Notifications, | Messages, | Login(name), that we see on the top right, should be kept sticky, visible even if I scroll the pages downwards.
    Thank you.
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  • Introducing Veronika (Roni)

    Introducing Veronika (Roni)

    Check out our new spokes model: https://www.instagram.com/veronikaa.gm/

    She's the model in our Spring Sale banner and you'll be seeing a lot more of her. I think the guys will appreciate her instagram page.
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  • Question about DHEA in Cohesion

    Question about DHEA in Cohesion

    I am having trouble figuring out if DHEA is still being put into Cohesion or not. From what I gathered some people complained that DHEA may be killing the fallout effect of A1 and so a heavier version of Cohesion was made a custom mix, now known as Crush XS. However what I can't figure out is if DHEA is still found in Cohesion XS? The PXS website pre2014 shows Cohesion as being Dienone + eNONE + DHEA. Now the website shows Dienone + eNONE + aNONE. Was DHEA replaced with aNONE or is aNONE simply...
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  • How does PXS calculate mcg/spray?

    How does PXS calculate mcg/spray?

    So I am having trouble calculating the mcg/spray for some of the PXS products. I was updating the spreadsheet I created in the other forum, and I realized some discrepancies. What I noticed is for most of the listings the calculated mcg/spray is based on 80 sprays coming from a 10 ml bottle.

    However there were a few products that didn't add up; for example Ascend is 59.28 mg/10 ml bottle, and delivers roughly 240 mcg/spray. That means to get that concentration we would have 247 (roughly)...
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  • Automatic link to products and information

    Automatic link to products and information

    I have one more idea that can be in help.

    Some forum members and non-registered users don't know the meanings of all the acronyms, short names of products (XS172, etc), molecules and some strange sounding words.

    IMO, it would be great if those words, when written in a post, are automatically linked to a relevant information.

    For example:

    If somebody writes a post and includes the product name Evolve XS, when posted it should automatically link...
    DeHydroEpiAndrosterone Sulfate (DHEAS) Pheromone Molecule5-androsten-3b-ol-17-one sulfate
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  • Separate forum threads for each product

    Separate forum threads for each product

    I think it will be better if there are separate forum threads for each featured product.


    For Men
    > XiSt
    > Evolve
    > Ascend


    and the same for the women's products.

    Here's why it is a good idea to consider it.

    First, the users will get faster and easier to the already categorized and relevant information.

    Second, this will create relevant information,...
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  • Ascend ingredients?

    Ascend ingredients?

    Hi! Just a quick question, the alcohol version of Ascend on PXS says:

    Each Ascend XS bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with attached Fine Mist sprayer/atomizer containing: 4 Types of AndrosteRONE, Both Alpha and Beta AndrosteNOL, AndrostENONE and 2 other sexual masculine pheromones, A tiny amount of social proof COPulins {used to promote the idea wearer is often accompanied by women but not necessarily sexually}, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

    But the...
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  • Combo specific sub-forum

    Combo specific sub-forum

    Surfing through the forums here and a big thing in pheroland, it seems, is to mix a few different elements together creating some fantastic combos for different situations. Now, I am aware that works for 1 may not for another but I was just thinking that having these sub-forums in the men's and women's sections and having the posts stating in concise form effects and outcomes, dosages, location of application, environmental settings, etc, etc, would be quite beneficiary to the community........
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  • Just some feedback on the FAQ page

    Just some feedback on the FAQ page

    Hi! Just wanted to mention the FAQ section of the website seems to have some out-dated info:


    I believe this no longer applies correct? Because I tried adding $200 worth of products to my account to try and the only free shipping option available to me was the $4 off super-saver domestic shipping. Is this page below the correct shipping terms page?

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    Hi, there!

    I've lightly touched on this when I responded to my Introduction thread, but I want to concurrently try inquiring here and trying shooting PheroXS Support an email. I'm really hoping someone can help me resolve this, as I'm very interested in attaining the products you offer.

    I very well could be misunderstanding something, but I was under the impression from your Into Pack that an additional 15% discount applied if you registered with the community and...
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  • "Like" a comment in reply to a post

    "Like" a comment in reply to a post

    I noticed you can like a post, but not a comment in reply to the post; you can share the comment or flag it, but no like.

    Any thoughts or ideas? I figured every now and then there would be an epic comment needing to be liked.
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  • New Emoji Requests

    New Emoji Requests

    My 2016 Emoji wishlist
    whistling emoji for like when its time to drop a hint.
    Mic Drop
    and any good forum worth its salt needs a Kanye emoji

    There has to be some new emoji's as its been years since I've seen Idle add any. Poor guy lost his marbles:minecraft::crap:...
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  • Support for multi quote

    Support for multi quote

    Can you add the multi-qoute feature to the forum? I hate having to make multiple separate reply's.
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  • Just a thought...

    Just a thought...

    As a new customer to XS, i'm still learning about the products and what they are used for... example Ascend(Engaging,Status,Social), so my thought was that maybe with each product ordered, that product would have a little card with it that gives a short description and it's intended uses.

    This way I could keep it for a reference about each product I own or might want to test out, without having to look that product up each time... I personally would like something like that, just for...
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  • Iron clad feedback

    Iron clad feedback

    Can you guys please alter that last part of your iron clad guarantee about exchanges. It's worded in a way that makes it sound like you'll send the new product if you mail back the old one and provide a tracking number. Now at the other mone companies I've ordered from, that's how it was( and makes alot of sense too because a customer doesn't have to wait so long before getting back to testing products) but here I'm told I gotta wait 15 days before you even look into it.

    If that's how...
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  • GOALS Question

    GOALS Question

    In the goals picture there are usually 3 goals.
    Is there only one primary?
    Is the biggest picture the primary? Or, is it the one on the right always? I have seen the middle picture be the biggest.

    Also, there's a sort of EKG style heartbeat in the background of these goals. I've seen them be red, green, blue, yellow, does that mean anything?

    I think that's it... for now....
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  • Alberta Canada Fires Charitable Appeal

    Alberta Canada Fires Charitable Appeal

    PheromoneXS is deeply saddened so many lives have been drastically changed because of the Alberta fires. Houses can be rebuilt and material can be replaced, but losing everything is all the same devastating! Having so many of our friends and clients residing in Canada all of us at XS felt it was important to give back what we could.

    That's why XS pledges to donate a minimum of $500 USD to the Canadian Red Cross, specifically for the Alberta Fires Appeal. As a community...
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We welcome community suggestions and are happy to answer questions. You may ask specific questions about products here, like mcg per spray, contents… (we may not answer). While pheromone questions go in their respective categories in the community such as how do I use this?.