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    The ISP is down in the lab and they are not able to get into the admin store online or answer the phones.

    So they are unable to access any orders that came in after 11 am.

    This is one heck of the Monday blues.

    I will keep you guys updated.
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  • SOLVED Shipping Charges

    SOLVED Shipping Charges

    I'm at my wit's end with this f*cking shopping cart! No matter what I do either countries disappear or it charges shipping when it shouldn't. The only thing I can do is offer rebates for free shipping if you meet the threshold.
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  • Madame Fragrance Fix

    Madame Fragrance Fix

    I have added fixed the fragrances you can add to Madame
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  • Shopping Cart Broken

    Shopping Cart Broken

    Working on a glitch I have. Should be restored to normal function shortly
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  • Lifetime Discounts Working

    Lifetime Discounts Working

    The mod to handle the discounts will be configured this weekend. Sorry for the delay. In the meantime, if you feel the need to order and cannot wait, drop us an email and we can issue you a coupon.
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  • Affiliates - Login corrected

    Affiliates - Login corrected

    Affiliates can now login to their accounts using the regular store login.

    We are now reconnecting the databases to show all your transactions. This will take a couple of hours. Once this is completed KateD and I will audit all of this month's sales to ensure the correct sales are properly attributed to their corresponding affiliate (this will take a solid day or two to complete). You'll be able to see your previous month's transactions here and track your current...
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  • US Shopping Cart Upgrade

    US Shopping Cart Upgrade

    We've upgraded the cart. There are still a lot of changes that are coming, but we are adding them one at a time to ensure nothing breaks. Some discounts and stuff are broken, so please be patient.
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  • UPDATED Store glitches

    UPDATED Store glitches

    We are in the process of upgrading the shopping cart and server so there are some glitches you might encounter. Please just send us a support ticket or we can take your order over the phone. Everything should be working again in a few days. Its finally almost done.
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  • Store Maintenance

    Store Maintenance

    We will be performing some minor housekeeping tonight on the store. For at least a couple hours the store will be in maintenance mode while this is being completed.
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  • Mix and Match

    Mix and Match

    I broke them. Working on a fix
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  • EUphoricXS.com Updates

    EUphoricXS.com Updates

    Well the prototype of the updated shopping cart is up and running but we are working out some small glitches. If you decide to order only click on the submit order button once. You won't get a success page yet or even an order processing email. Should be corrected in the next couple hours. Those orders will be manually changed.

    There are lots of new features too. I'll start making some videos of the new and updated features. The US site will basically be the same thing so this is our...
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  • Tennessee Sales Tax.

    Tennessee Sales Tax.

    I'm not sure exactly how any of its going to work, but TN is now forcing etailers to collect sales tax. My accountant is looking into it all for us. This means either we are going to be collecting sales tax, or add it into the cost of the product. Tax is 9.5%. I do know shipping has increased too so we will need to look at some options to keep the costs down. One way is to increase the free shipping threshold.

    Just thoughts right now until I have a full understanding, but as always...
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  • SOLVED: Ascend Product Page

    SOLVED: Ascend Product Page

    Its broke, but we are working on fixing it. Please stand by...

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  • PayPal Invalid Address Glitch SOLVED

    PayPal Invalid Address Glitch SOLVED

    There was an issue with PayPal rejecting customers with a notice their address is invalid.

    About a year ago, PayPal initiated a character limit to all addresses, banned the use of anything other than alpha-numeric characters in said address and somehow included this character limit to a product options field.

    We were first made aware of the options issue and posted about it last September: https://discoverxs.com/articles/cate...options-glitch
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  • Bitcoins


    Fixed, you may now use BTC if you'd like
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  • Glitches and other stuff gone wrong - Our Monkeys have gone crazy!

    Glitches and other stuff gone wrong - Our Monkeys have gone crazy!

    Just a heads up everyone, there MIGHT be some crazy little glitches and stuff happening in the shopping cart as we put the final touches on the new release. Keeping our shopping cart upgraded with the latest version is very, very important to your experience and online safety.

    I'm very excited about the new marketplace and how many awesome features it has. Just a small sampling of what you can expect: instant chat, product QandA, split payment options, Ticket system built in to the...
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  • PayPal + Options glitch

    PayPal + Options glitch

    There is currently a glitch with PayPal when selecting options. There was a message on PayPal about it, but I think it has since been removed.

    The glitch happens when you use PayPal standard to pay when you have selected any options (fragrances, size, -cops...). It brings you to a page without any price. We've contacted PayPal and the cart developer about this. Its not always happening, but it does sometime.

    From what I understand you can prevent this by using PayPal E...
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  • New Payment Methods Accepted

    New Payment Methods Accepted

    We are on the path to migrating to our updated shopping cart and as we move forward there will be new features you'll be seeing. As a early adapter of bitcoin I feel the time is ripe to add in additional cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and about 7 others. I've included an image bellow of how it looks in the store. Right now there is only a handful of cryptocurrencies we are working with but we do plan to add more as they stabilize. My new favorite is IOTA which I feel is the...
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  • Notify about availability of mones

    Notify about availability of mones


    It would be great to have the possibility to set up a notification (by mail?) when your desired mone blend is back in stock and can be purchased again.

    Or maybe it's already possible but I don't know how
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  • EU Members EUphoricXS.com

    EU Members EUphoricXS.com

    Well after much ado its finally here: EUphoricXS...
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  • Limited Editions & Beta/Custom Blends Overhaul

    Limited Editions & Beta/Custom Blends Overhaul

    In the next few days I'm completely overhauling this section, but before I do I want your feedback. Any blend that makes it as a Limited Edition really should have a more permanent sounding name as Limited is exactly that. My view is to move them to regular products, but without interfering with the regular products. Crush for instance is Cohesion without the Tempering. Having both in the mens section would be confusing, but what if we add Crush as an option to Cohesion? I think that might be co...
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  • SMS/TXT Messaging Capabilities - Are You Interested?

    SMS/TXT Messaging Capabilities - Are You Interested?

    What are you some type of caveman? Get into the 21st Century already - YES
    You're all sick perverted savages at XS! Bondage and SMS is devils play - NO

    The poll is expired.

    We have built in functionality to our store and email platforms to send out SMS/TXT messages and was wondering if anyone would be interested? This would allow us to text you order status, tracking numbers and even coupons sometimes. I like the idea to have that info on my phone because every single time I want to check on an order status, its always when I'm not on my mac. I don't know why that happens that way, but it does. For me its a no-brainer, but at the same time any service we offer li...
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  • PheromoneXS standing on The Poodlebleed Bug

    PheromoneXS standing on The Poodlebleed Bug

    A quick note to everyone who heard the news about Poodlebleed .

    I wanted to let you know that we took actions as we did with the infamous heartbleed bug a long time ago.

    How should this affect my experience with PheromoneXS and DiscoverXS? Without getting in to huge details here is the updated minimum required browser version chart: Enjoy your safe shopping experience ...
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  • Store Reorganization

    Store Reorganization

    I made a couple of slight changes to improve your experience. Hope you like them

    I took the lab chemicals section and disabled it. Didn't really like that it was so lonely. I merged the Diffusion Tech to Male Fragrance Oils and will create another for the ladies. I also cleaned up the Bottles and Atomizers section so they are in order and all on one page.

    You can now add SD40B Perfumers Alcohol and Diffusion Tech to the 10ml, 15ml and 30ml spray bottles as an option....
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  • XS July Anniversary - Stay Informed Here

    XS July Anniversary - Stay Informed Here

    We were hoping, beyond hope as it now stands, that we would have the cart released today, July 3rd, just in time for the holiday weekend. Idle and I have been working about 17 hours a day (sometimes more) trying to make this happen. With each new fix we break something else or create more work to be done, but its usually break something else. What we have so far is pretty freaking awesome in my view, but of course I have a vested interest. There are amazing new: features, shipping deals, categories,...
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