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  • Security Notice Part 2

    Security Notice Part 2

    Dear friends and fellow community members,

    It is with regret, that I inform you of a breach that's affected our community forum. I reported publicly (Security Notice) of a potential VB5 vulnerability that allowed the malicious injection of a zero-day exploit. This exploit was detected and quickly corrected, but unfortunately, it does now appear some emails and subsequent passwords were leaked. VBulletin passwords are stored in an encrypted database however and typically reported as...
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  • Forum Upgrade Next Week October 12th thru ?

    Forum Upgrade Next Week October 12th thru ?

    We will be upgrading the forum next week fixing a lot of the bugs we have. If anybody has a suggestion as to what you'd like to see or be able to do, let us know here, please.

    In the meantime here are some changes I am adding
    Dark Mode
    Fix Nav Bar
    Posts taking forever to post
    Inline Quote not working correctly
    Search Function Mod (better search functionality)
    Custom Avatars (You will be able to choose what you want
    Chat Function like the store...
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  • Security Notice

    Security Notice

    Our DiscoverXS Community Forum experienced a breach, which we took immediate steps to correct. While we are still investigating, it does not appear any data was leaked. If we determine otherwise I will notify you accordingly.

    What Happened?
    On August 12, 2020 our mod security program running on our servers identified a potential harmful upload which was immediately isolated. Out of precaution the forum was set to maintenance mode making it unavailable to access. We have taken...
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  • New Community Features

    New Community Features

    A couple new features we've installed to enhance the user experience.

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  • Security Vulnerability Detected and Corrected!

    Security Vulnerability Detected and Corrected!

    Dear Community Members,

    End of September 2019 a security vulnerability was detected for VBulletin 5 (VB5) that would allow hackers to inject bad-stuff into a community forum such as ours. The hack, a zero-day vulnerability, allows the hacker to gain control over the server the forum is on. As such, patches have been issued and already installed on our discoverXS community forum.

    All of the Aser Gruppe servers and websites use a series of security measures that monitor,...
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  • Firefox Posting Broken. We are working on a solution.

    Firefox Posting Broken. We are working on a solution.

    We upgraded the forum last night again and now are having some issues with firefox. Seems like other browsers are working. I know Chrome, IOS and Safari are working. Can someone check Opera and heavens forbid windows? Any others you might use too
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  • New Community Look and Feel

    New Community Look and Feel

    Idle and I spent a lot of time working to set up the new look and feel of the community. You'll notice that we moved, removed, changed and did some housecleaning of channels (categories).

    We are completely moving the News, Announcements and Feedback area from the community and re-positioning it elsewhere. We wanted our community to be about pheromones and make it inviting to everyone. I never liked the idea of having all the business stuff upfront as I felt it takes away from the community...
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  • Dominica Devestated by Maria and How it Affects Our Community

    Dominica Devestated by Maria and How it Affects Our Community

    I wasn't sure how to say this or even if I should post this, but I am going to anyway.

    On Sept 19th the tiny but beautiful island nation of Dominica was hit and devastated by the category 5 hurricane Maria. In 2003 I was the Operations Director for a very large teleservices company on the island of Grenada in the West Indies. That island was hit and virtually wiped out by a category 3 hurricane Ivan. After a couple of months reorganizing things on the island without electricity, phones,...
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  • Improvement: Reputation is now visable

    Improvement: Reputation is now visable

    From today each users reputation is now displayed just below their avatar.

    here a is brief explanation (by Steve) on the new reputation system that comes with the new platform


    more improvements on reputation coming soon
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  • (SOLVED) Login Issues

    (SOLVED) Login Issues

    We are aware and are working to resolve this. Please stay patient and have a drink while Idle fixes this.
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  • Improvement: Reputation Balance & Rep Power Update - 11.NOV.2016

    Improvement: Reputation Balance & Rep Power Update - 11.NOV.2016

    Hey hey

    here are the changes so far as of 11.NOV.2016::

    Rep Power
    Users gain 1 point of Rep Power for:
    • Every 180 of days of their registration
    • Every 100 posts
    • Every 1000 points of reputation received (this is specially to avoid users with rep power over a 100 easily)

    1. All Members start with a Default Reputation of 1
    2. Each will give a Reputation +1 and the Current user Rep Power.
    3. All admins/mods and PheromoneXS...
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  • [News] Forum Upgrade 10.08.16

    [News] Forum Upgrade 10.08.16

    Hey everyone the new forum version is up.

    Allot of improvements and bug fixes for the mobile and responsive versions (including the messenger).

    So lets get started:

    1) Mentioning someone with an @ now will include his avatar too
    idle KateD XSteveO NoelO

    2) The "Mark Channels Read" link has been removed from the Forum sub-navigation on new installs. This link has proved problematic and hasn't...
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  • INTRODUCING: DiscoverXS Messenger /// Forum Update: 4 Aug 2016

    INTRODUCING: DiscoverXS Messenger /// Forum Update: 4 Aug 2016

    Heeeey everyone i am happy to introduce you to the latest update on our community.

    For starters this upgrade contains a whooping 150 issue fixes and various functionality updates.

    Mobile / Responsive Design enhancement
    • The navigation bar has been enhanced when viewed on smaller screens. All elements properly collapse into a drop down menu allowing for a cleaner display and less screen real estate being used. Further enhancements have been
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  • Acronyms


    First, I love this forum - I have received some wonderful help here from experienced folks....Much appreciated....The only feedback I might have is that when things get technical or scientific, some short-hand acronyms and abbreviations are sometimes used, which is confusing for a newbie like me....If we could decrease the acronyms and abbreviations, I think the newbies would get more out of the forums....Or spell something out then put the acronym in parentheses on first usage....Would help onboard...
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  • Temporary image hosting problems

    Temporary image hosting problems

    We are experiencing some image hosting mayhem
    this will affect some rank images and/or some of the uploaded ones

    Problem will be solved in next 24-48 hours

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  • Uploading photos

    Uploading photos

    Tried to upload an Iphone photo but it was too big! I think the software should simply allow it and just truncate the size or have a limit that encompasses expected cameraphone sizes.

    Being able to post photos would be fantastic but to make it practical I need to be able to post photos I take on my phone without needing to fiddle with them in an image editing program first!
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  • I am trying to figure out how to create a signature for my posts.

    I am trying to figure out how to create a signature for my posts.

    Can't find where or how to create a signature that will run after each post I make.
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  • Forum upgrade feedback / 26.11.2014

    Forum upgrade feedback / 26.11.2014


    another update is upon us


    Over a 100 improvements and bug fixes.


    Who's Online - now shows how proud we are from our researchers

    • Mobile compatibility improved - the "missing new line" bug is finally gone.
    please do report if its not working for your device.
    • ??Automatic Topic Subscription Mo
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  • Search Bar Question

    Search Bar Question

    Is it me, or does anyone else not able to find things that you know you posted? I'm wondering if the search feature leaves out quoted messages in its search criteria.
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  • 'Our Community' button at the store site - open in a new window plz!!!

    'Our Community' button at the store site - open in a new window plz!!!

    Can you fix the 'Our Community' button so, to open the forum site in a new window???
    I use Comodo Ice Dragon, I have not tested it with other browsers.

    Thank you
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  • Complete Forum Destruction! Explosions and calamity in newsletter section

    Complete Forum Destruction! Explosions and calamity in newsletter section

    Steve just wrote a new newsletter today and at the end his comment about seeing who read the entire newsletter seemed to invite comment. However the reply button in that section does nothing.

    Bump Bump Bump...
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  • Forum upgrade feedback / 09.05.2014

    Forum upgrade feedback / 09.05.2014

    We have upgraded the forum and would like feedback on what you guys think about everything. A couple of things I notice is there is no comment box. I think we have a way to fix this. Some youtube videos seem glitchy. There's a really cool feature when you add a link it will ask you if you want to use a thumbnail from that link. So much cool stuff, but lots of stuff needs tweaking yet. We also know there's an issue with signing up that we are again working on. Please let us know what you find...
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  • General Pheromone Use Category?

    General Pheromone Use Category?

    Should we have a General Pheromone Use forum category? An area where there'd be suggested guidelines on how to apply mones, when/where to use them, and how to deal with situations like shit-testing, diffusion control, or pherocloud stealing, etc...?

    I wanted to ask about some ways to deal with/prevent pherocloud being stolen or mistaken to be coming from someone else, but wasn't sure if it should go under Men's or Unisexy since it's not about a product but is also open to the ladies...
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  • another idea

    another idea

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  • Community Feedback needed once again - Product Emotions

    Community Feedback needed once again - Product Emotions

    Hey everyone First i would like to thank you all for the wonderful feedback so far. We are going thru all the suggestions/ideas and currently implementing many of them as we speak But now is the time we need your input once again We are looking for the perfect emotions that describe our products. Please share with us what emotions you experience when wearing an product. What is the emotion that you can associate specifically with that product What is the first word/emotion that pops ...
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