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  • FedEx Priority Overnight (Saturday Delivery Option)

    FedEx Priority Overnight (Saturday Delivery Option)

    We are now offering Overnight Saturday on retail orders, which will be available from Thursdays after 2pm through Fridays before 2pm. Unlike our deeply discounted 2nd Day rates, including Saturdays, there is an additional charge for overnight Saturdays ($15.97).

    You will find this option under Extra Services tab directly underneath the payment selection section.

    Please note: If this service is unavailable in your area from FedEx we will return this fee as a voucher. If...
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  • [SOLVED] FedEx Issues

    [SOLVED] FedEx Issues

    FedEx is having issues with its shipping software. We cannot select Saturday deliveries, and Tech Support knows the situation. Depending on how late it goes, I might just ship them 2nd Day Monday delivery.
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  • USPS Priority Disabled

    USPS Priority Disabled

    USPS Priority Mail has been temporarily disabled so we can fix a glitch we are having
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  • USPS COVID Domestic Shipping Delays - International Suspensions/Delays

    USPS COVID Domestic Shipping Delays - International Suspensions/Delays

    The USPS has increased its rates which is reflected in our shipping charges and free shipping threshold.

    The USPS is still experiencing significant shipping delays across all services.
    First Class Mail typically takes 3-5 days but with expected delays, it more realistically can take 2-3 weeks
    Priority Mail typically takes 2-3 days but with expected delays, it more realistically can take 1-2 weeks (we've seen some take 2-3 months)
    Express typically takes...
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  • Free Shipping Threshold Changes

    Free Shipping Threshold Changes

    Effective Immediately

    USPS has drastically increased pricing on everyone. They say it's only because of peak holiday times and will decrease after the holidays but who knows. The service gets slower and the price goes up....LOL

    Free Shipping Threshold is now the following
    USPS FCM Domestic Free at $50 and above
    USPS FCM Canada Free at $75 and above
    USPS FCM International Free at $100 and above...
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  • USPS Priority Price Increase Delays

    USPS Priority Price Increase Delays

    Just an FYI that the USPS is still experiencing massive delays in getting Priority Mail delivered. If you order USPS Priority Mail you can expect delays, by as much as a couple of weeks. XS is not responsible for these delays as they are completely out of our hands. FedEx 2nd Day is a much better option: It's more economically priced and way more reliable. Sometimes FedEx does experience issues, but nothing like the post office. Worst part about it is they actually raised the prices.
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  • Shipping Charges (A few minor changes)

    Shipping Charges (A few minor changes)

    United States
    USPS Economy WAS $4.97 NOW SAME FREE ON ORDERS $50 and ABOVE
    USPS Priority WAS $8.97 NOW SAME
    USPS Express WAS $24.97 NOW SAME
    FedEx 2nd Day WAS $12.97 NOW $9.97
    FedEx Overnight Was $36.97 NOW $32.97

    Economy WAS $10.97 NOW $14.97 FREE ON ORDERS $75 and ABOVE
    Priority WAS $25.97 NOW $29.97
    Express WAS $43.97 NOW $43.97
    FedEx Global Priority Was $45.97 NOW $39.97

    Economy WAS $16.97...
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  • FedEx 2-Day Clarification!

    FedEx 2-Day Clarification!

    Just want to clear this up and there seems to be some misunderstandings.

    FedEx 2-Day when ordered any weekday takes 2 weekdays to arrive. Except on Thursday as that package will arrive on Saturday. However Saturdays do not count as a weekday if you order on Friday, your package will arrive on Tuesday. Holidays don't count as a weekday either. If you order on a Friday and Monday is a holiday your order will arrive Wednesday.

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  • SOLVED EU Free Shipping

    SOLVED EU Free Shipping

    Currently, our EU Free Shipping is not working properly so we turned it off. We don't want anyone to feel ripped off so we also turned off the 9% VAT charges. You'd get Free Economy Shipping (normally $6) if you spent $75 or more but on that $75 you'd have to pay the $6.75 in VAT. It almost balances out, but its in your favor. I'm honestly baffled as to why the free shipping isn't working and have a support ticket into the mod developer. It should be restored pretty soon....
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  • UPDATED JULY 22 BEST Shipping Rates 2019 (they went down)

    UPDATED JULY 22 BEST Shipping Rates 2019 (they went down)

    I haven't calculated everything but there will be some increases to shipping in 2019. I just wanted everyone to know as soon as I could so there isn't any shock.

    As always we will still be offering USPS First Class Mail for free (when you spend a certain amount) but will be changing the name to Economy Shipping as we will be shipping from different locations.

    I'm pretty sure we are the only pheromone company to offer International Shipping for free and that won't be changing,...
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  • NEW: FedEx 2 Day Priority (Includes Saturday)

    NEW: FedEx 2 Day Priority (Includes Saturday)

    Domestic USA Only

    FedEx has partnered with us to allow Domestic USA Shipments 2 Day Priority anywhere in the Domestic 50 States at only $12.99. We're working on getting better International and USA Rates as well, or at least back to where they were. They have significantly increased our other rates for some reason.

    We added an option for FedEx 2 Day and yes this does include Saturday deliveries without any surcharges. Its a little bit more expensive than the USPS Priority...
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  • No Free India Mail

    No Free India Mail

    We can no longer offer any type of free or unregistered mail to India. These types of mail just don't get there. We will still offer Express or FedEx with Direct Signature required....
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  • Lets Have An Honest Shipping Discussion!

    Lets Have An Honest Shipping Discussion!

    As everyone should know I believe in transparency, especially if it ultimately affects your experience. Shipping rates keep going up and while we do everything to keep ahead of all the new laws and requirements when it comes to import/export into countries we get blasted nearly weekly with new processes.

    Fedex now requires an unprecedented accompaniment of paperwork. We are REQUIRED to include an original copy of invoice (There is no way to alter these in any way so please don't ask)....
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  • US/EU Shipping Rates Update

    US/EU Shipping Rates Update

    Recently some questions have come up in regards to shipping charges out of our EU Hub as compared to the US Hub. These questions were based on why the Free Shipping threshold pricing was more expensive in the EU as compared to the US. Then add in VAT and you might believe you would get a better deal by purchasing from the US. We started to get a lot of support emails about the same as well.

    While this logic might seem correct, I can assure you there are numerous factors not being considered...
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  • EU Bottle Sizes and Shipping Charges

    EU Bottle Sizes and Shipping Charges

    I am kind of confused... is it possible to get Xist,Bliss and Taboo 32 mL spray and scented for example FXS from EU shop?
    Shipping inside EU, says express shipping 22 euros. I thought it was a lower price if using a normal shipping, how much for a shipping that takes more days?
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  • EU Shipping Option - Priority Parcel Express: 1-3 days (door to door)

    EU Shipping Option - Priority Parcel Express: 1-3 days (door to door)

    Hey there EuphoricXS.com fans

    i am really exited to announce our brand new shipping option.

    NAME: Priority Parcel Express (1 - 3 Business Days / door to door delivery)
    Delivery Time:
    • 1 to 3 Business Days maximum

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  • Overpriced DHL - Its your choice

    Overpriced DHL - Its your choice

    When we signed up with DHL we had some half-way decent rates but not as good as I would have hoped. As such we ate a lot of those fees and well they have recently reevaluated our fees and determined an increase of at least 25% was warranted. Of course as a small business these fees are astounding in the big picture. Packages we are shipping for $39 are now costing us closer to $60 which forces us to now have to pass these fees along to you. We are also charged $35 a week for daily pickup too which i...
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  • DHL Price Increase

    DHL Price Increase

    We got a letter from DHL the other day, informing us that they are increasing their fee's by 5% which XS will be passing along. DHL, while fast, also charges us a daily pickup fee, usually charges customs fees and a bunch of other fees.

    XS offers free shipping and other cheaper alternatives, so while DHL might be convenient, we ask for your understanding why its expensive. I can assure you we are doing what we can to bring these costs down.
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  • DHL Is Suspended Until Further Notice

    DHL Is Suspended Until Further Notice

    I have a BIG issue with the way some things at DHL have been handled these last couple weeks that I will post in its entirety in a few hours. I have given them every opportunity to correct a mistake that seriously effects our shipping. The members of this community deserve better and while you might not see any changes up front (for those choosing DHL) there are implications on the back end. As such effective immediately DHL shipping is suspended until such time as they either fix this issue and a...
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  • Shipping Changes and how they will effect you.

    Shipping Changes and how they will effect you.

    USPS Priority Mail We will proceed to offer USPS Priority Mail at the same affordable rate for both Domestic and International. Priority Mail for domestic averages 3 days at only $6. International shipments can t...
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  • Update: NO Changes to shipping charges effective February 4

    Update: NO Changes to shipping charges effective February 4

    Some shipping changes you need to be aware of.

    There has been some up-charges in shipping from both USPS Priority Mail Domestic and FedEx.

    USPS Domestic Priority Mail has increased to $0.60. As of right now I have not been able to determine if USPS International will also have increases. As such I will be increasing USPS Domestic Priority Mail to $6. However if you spend $75 in the store you will still get FREE Domestic USPS Priority Mail for free. Our International friends...
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  • Slight Increase to FedEx

    Slight Increase to FedEx

    FedEx rates went up just a tiny bit ($2) so I had to add that to the store. We are still able to offer some of the best rates in the industry for shipping though. Our Lightning Shipping speeds cannot be beaten.

    Priority Mail jumped up about $0.60 Domestic so we will be adjusting those rates in the coming days too. You'll still get the discounts though as its set up now, but I'll see if I can work anything out.

    Here's a link to the USPS increase: http://about.usps.com/n...
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