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Product Release News


Includes new product release, Beta Blend status and Beta to Artisan.

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  • XSR 94/95 added to store

    XSR 94/95 added to store


    In the store ready for yah
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  • Mix and Match Packs

    Mix and Match Packs

    They are officially back in stock. The limitation is I cannot add the Artisan blends through this medium. You will still be able to add three 10ml Retail products and get the discount if you choose to do it that way. Lifetime discounts are disabled for all mix and match packs as the discount is higher. Those who are at 30% and above will only get the 30% discount here because you can create your own mix and match pack with any products in the store.
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  • Awesome Party Pack

    Awesome Party Pack

    Awesome Party Pack is back in stock.

    Comes with a slight change: You'll be able to select one Artisan blend from Men and Women, respective categories, under product 4 if you'd like. The same goes for Unisexy under product 3.

    I also added XiSt/W finally.

    Lifetime discounts don't apply because anyone under 30% is getting a better deal. Anyone over 30% can just choose their own products to make whatever pack they want

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  • Mix and Match Packs

    Mix and Match Packs

    As of right now anytime you select three (3) items from Men, Women, Unisexy 10ml spray including artisan you'll receive the Mix and Match Pack Discount. You won't need to select the pack themselves which are obsolete. You'll get an automatic $28 discount.

    This is for default users only right now as I have to fix it for Lifetime Discounts and VIP customers.
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  • Custom Lab Requests Changes

    Custom Lab Requests Changes

    1. XS is getting a whole lot more busy with custom lab orders. We do not adulterate in any way (including adding fragrance, Diffusion Tech, or anything else to molecules {Ingredients, XSR or Putative Alternatives}) so please do not request us to do so.
    2. We also cannot upgrade lab time for anyone. If you ordered from custom lab you agreed there will be a delay in shipping. We are not willing to move an order ahead of everybody else because you have a thing you desperately need it for, nor can we
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  • Order Cancellation Fee

    Order Cancellation Fee

    New Policy Begins October 01, 2019

    Order cancellations will be charged a 5% Service Charge to cover costs of merchant fees, shipping supplies, printed labels and other materials

    PayPal (our merchant services provider) has amended their User Agreement which will affect you. Customer initiated order cancellations will incur a flat 5% service charge.

    Please make sure your order is correct before you hit submit....
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  • XS201 Goddess In Stock

    XS201 Goddess In Stock

    Just made Goddess an Artisan Selection here: https://pheromonexs.com/pheromones-f...goddess-w.html
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  • XS199 (Comply /U)

    XS199 (Comply /U)

    XS199 Comply is now available in the USA PXS store. I did my best to keep the costs down on this one, but it has some pretty expensive molecules so you'll notice its a little bit more expensive than others in its class.
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  • XS196 (Girlfriend /W)

    XS196 (Girlfriend /W)

    XS196 is now available in our USA PXS Store...
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  • XS194 (InBetwee /U) Beta-Blend

    XS194 (InBetwee /U) Beta-Blend

    Now available in our US PXS Store

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  • New XSR Molecules Release

    New XSR Molecules Release

    XSR27 2 Focus Molecules combined (We've never done this before, but its definitely a good one to have available
    XSR30 An EpiRone that is similar to EpiRone with some slight differences. We've come across numerous molecules called EpiRone and this is the only other one, besides the standard EpiRone we felt was different enough to offer for research
    XSR36 This is in the ENONE family. Has a lot of potential uses.

    I'll be releasing a bunch more Research Molecules and Putative...
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  • Free Fragrance Options!

    Free Fragrance Options!

    If you haven't already noticed, all retail blends now have all 5 new male fragrances added as an option and all fragrance option add-ons are now without cost for both men and women. This has only been done in the retail section.

    In the next few days we will also start adding the 30ml option to the cart also....
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  • Brand New Mix and Match Packs Just For YOU!

    Brand New Mix and Match Packs Just For YOU!

    Brand New Mix and Match Packs Available NOW
    I've created a new Mix and Match Pack for Men, Mix and Match Pack for Women and Mix and Match Pack for Unisexy that incorporates all the retail products so you are no longer limited to choosing just men, women or unisexy. You can now easily choose three products from any of the three main retail categories.

    An example would be Evolve - Love Boat - Temptress or any other three selection combination.
    Another would be Bliss, Cohesion,...
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  • It's Coming...soon

    It's Coming...soon

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  • XS139 Beta Test WRONG #

    XS139 Beta Test WRONG #

    I screwed up the numbers here guys. XS139 Beta Test which has been going out with a note to think of it like Limitless is XS141.

    XS139 is BABE.

    This is only a number screw up and not the actual contents. I moved Babe over to Women's regular products but didn't retire the number. My bad
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  • Taboo Oil

    Taboo Oil

    Its available and its on sale today: https://pheromonexs.com/pheromones-f...l-for-men.html

    More oils to follow in the next few days

    Have fun
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  • Upgrade Sizes: Everything

    Upgrade Sizes: Everything

    You can now upgrade all spray products to 15ml. Taboo, XiSt, Desire Me+ and Love Boat can all be upgraded to 30 ml.

    Mix and Match packs can be size upgraded too. If you choose any of the 30 ml bottles mentioned above in their respective packs, even though it says "15ml Upgrade" it will still be the 30ml.

    Make sure you sign up for the newsletter
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  • 15ml Bliss and Odyssey + other store updates

    15ml Bliss and Odyssey + other store updates

    I've been busy making blends and just finished Bliss. I evaluated the supply we have of the Bliss molecule and availability and therefore went ahead and added it to the store as a 15ml. Odyssey is also now available as a 15ml too. As for Connections, Temptress, Domination and whatever else is out of stock I am working on getting them formulated just as quick as I can. I will not release something to the store unless its ready to ship. Between fulfilling orders, fixing the cart and everything tha...
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  • Its a Release Party! Have we gone nuts?

    Its a Release Party! Have we gone nuts?

    To celebrate our Fancy Pants Chicken Dance sale and just because we might be a little silly in the head, here are some new releases.

    The first two can be located in our Research Molecule section.

    XSR38 has been described as a passive enone. It certainly turns heads! Very low dosage recommended at 2.167 mcg per spray in 10 ml spray. We are including a 3 ml sampler at 10.833 mcg per spray for the more adventurous. https://pheromonexs.com/pheromone-mo...s-xs/pheromone...
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  • Alpha Test Package - Community Researchers

    Alpha Test Package - Community Researchers

    Calling all community researchers. We've tweaked a few blends based upon your suggestions. The first is XS128 ImpaXS (10 ml) which needed to be amplified more to recreate the impact it originally had, while diminishing the burn-out. Please remember its still in alpha-testing.

    XSR46 (5 ml) is now available as a research molecule in the store. We've been getting a lot of great responses on this one. If you haven't gotten a sample now is the time to get in on the testing. XSR38: (...
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  • Limited Editions - BIG CHANGES!

    Limited Editions - BIG CHANGES!

    I wanted everyone to know what it means for a product to be considered a "Limited Edition" and how it effects you. These are blends that we as a company believe have proven their worth and we want to keep around. We rely on the feedback of the community, personal testing, our alpha testers and how it performs as a commercial product. When we have all this information I have our analyst do a commercial viability report because, well we're a business. I have to ensure products that are heavy on molecules...
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  • Female Fragrance Oil Concentrates - Now Available

    Female Fragrance Oil Concentrates - Now Available

    Been a whole lot of requests by the ladies to add this to our lineup. I like to ensure we can actually have it in stock before I ever think about it. Maybe that's one of the reasons we ship so fast.

    I'm so happy we can now offer this for you ladies https://pheromonexs.com/pheromones-m...fragrance-oils
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  • Love Boat (Formerly XS111) 30 ml Available.

    Love Boat (Formerly XS111) 30 ml Available.

    Got some chemicals in today (YEAH) and so Love Boat is now also a 30 ml. Same pricing configuration as the other 30 ml upgrades. Only $20 more for 66% more.

    Check it out here: Love Boat (Formerly XS111)
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  • Introducing BCE Pheromone Pack

    Introducing BCE Pheromone Pack

    I've listened to the community again. I know its been a long time coming guys, but I had to make sure I could do it. I will only release something when I know I can actually do it. Its the same price as the ACE pack but only available as a 10 ml spray. This is a full release and is now a permanent item in the store. You'll earn reward points (community researchers always earn 2X) and if I can I'll include it in sales from time to time. You can check it out here: ...
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  • Androsterone Sulfate Now Available

    Androsterone Sulfate Now Available

    The assay has come back at 98.9%. Androsterone Sulfate is now available for ordering in either oil or spray. This is a great molecule that has an air of alpha status to it with a bright cheery disposition. Perfect for uplifting a blend while adding that extra status.

    Great for work and play and definitely Unisexy. You can check it out here: Androsterone Sulfate Its been rumored to be Androtics TAA but we don't believe it is. While uplifting and cheery it sticks around much longer than...
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Includes new product release, Beta Blend status and Beta to Artisan.