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  • 30ml In Stock (Some)

    30ml In Stock (Some)

    I've been waiting on labels for a while, but decided to use our Epson Label maker to label some 30ml while our wait continues

    are back in stock.
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  • Ascend Oil Back in stock

    Ascend Oil Back in stock

    Yay! Another product is back in stock. Happy Holidays everyone
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  • Girlfriend


    Another blend back in stock.

    Love love love
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  • Vibe 10 and 30's

    Vibe 10 and 30's

    Back in stock. Very limited amount of 30's though.

    Enjoy my friends.

    I'm working as fast as I can between everything else to restock what we can. Making the blends is actually my favorite thing to do. It's the bottling and labeling that take a toll on all of us. Very monotonous even with machines which many, we are still in the process of reaquiring.

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  • Domination


    Back in stock...Enjoy
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  • 30 mL update!

    30 mL update!

    Hello XS family!!

    We put some 30 mLs back in stock! There is a limited count at the moment, but they will all return very soon. We are working on restocking all 10 mL sprays right now, but the 30 mLs and oils will make their comeback! SteveO, Kyle and I appreciate you all very much, and we hope you know how amazing you all are!

    Here is a list of the 30 mLs back in stock:

    Ascend with copulins
    Ascend without copulins

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  • Stock Update SOB and Boyfriend

    Stock Update SOB and Boyfriend

    Been working pretty hard in the lab trying to get things back in stock. Don't yet have all the molecules or glassware but I do have enough to make some blends.

    Today I made some SOB and Boyfriend and they will be in stock in a little bit.

    Glad to be making blends again
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  • PSE and Celebrity

    PSE and Celebrity

    Both back in stock (10mls only)
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  • UPDATE!!



    Xist and Evolve 10 mL sprays plus Api oil are back in stock!!! We are working on getting all retail blends back in stock, so that should happen very soon!

    I know some of you saw a post about some 30 mLs being back as well, but I had to remove those because we realized we lost all 30 mL labels in the storm. We are ordering them again, but it will take some time for them to be made and sent to us.

    Stay awesome!
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  • EU Molecules will be in stock soon

    EU Molecules will be in stock soon

    Some of our packages have finally been released from customs in the EU after weeks of delays. We are still waiting on another with our oils to be released.

    Over the next couple of weeks, I will be adding custom molecules to the store in the EU. We pretty much sent everything we have here in the USA over there and now also have a local source for SDA-40B as well. We also are coordinating a source for 30ml bottles in the EU as well.
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  • XSP86 Back In Stock

    XSP86 Back In Stock

    XSP86 (after nearly a year of waiting) is back in stock. I'm limiting 1 per order.
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  • [UPDATE] XSP86 - Still Waiting

    [UPDATE] XSP86 - Still Waiting

    We had this custom synthesized for us, but a slight imperfection was found on the thin layer chromatography (TLC). I could accept it as is, but I'd rather it be recrystallized to ensure quality. So there are more delays, but it is progressing.

    UPDATE 12/27
    I had this custom synthesized but the TLC results came back with a slight imperfection. The scientist decided to have the product recleaned and recrystallized

    Understanding the holidays and all I now...
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  • Girlfriend XS196 Restock

    Girlfriend XS196 Restock

    Back in stock
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  • EVOLVE OIL Restock

    EVOLVE OIL Restock

    Evolve Oil has been restocked
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  • ANONE Restock

    ANONE Restock

    AndrostANONE is back in stock
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  • Optional Bulb Dropper Unavailable

    Optional Bulb Dropper Unavailable

    We had received these as an alternative to the Euro dropper when we were using the clear bottles for oils.

    We had thousands of those droppers and gave them away as an option but have run out now. The company that provided them no longer offers it on their site.

    Neck size is 18-400 10ml

    You can get them on amazon in smaller quantities just remember the bottle capacity is essential, as well as the neck size.
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  • XSP75 - Finally Back In Stock

    XSP75 - Finally Back In Stock

    I had a small fortune but I managed to get a gram of this so it's back in stock.

    1 per customer

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  • XSP115 Restocked - Price Change

    XSP115 Restocked - Price Change

    XSP115 has been restocked with a price change.

    We had to have this molecule custom synthesized which adds significant fees to obtain it. Normally, when we buy a molecule it's an amount needed (for products, or what can be resold). However, custom synthesis requires us to purchase it in bulk with the added fees to have it made. The significant difference in pricing reflects those fees.
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  • Comply XS199 Restocked

    Comply XS199 Restocked

    Comply XS199 has been restocked
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  • Supply Chain Issues

    Supply Chain Issues

    Overall we are pretty well stocked on most everything except some molecules. I could get them from other "international" sources, but I've always found that USA-made has been excellent for quality and consistency, not to mention it goes along with our made in the USA stickers.

    There are some molecules, however, the more common ones like ENONE, that are slow in coming. It's not that we can't get them, but my supplier is having staffing issues so it's just a matter of getting...
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  • Mix and Match Packs

    Mix and Match Packs

    Mix and Match packs are fixed for Lifetime Discount and VIP users. You will need to add them from the predefined product page: Men and Women but you will get the discount now.

    Everyone else can either use the predefined ones or simply add three 10ml spray products under Men, Women, and/or Unisexy (includes Artisan sprays) and the discount will automatically come off.

    Anyone with a Lifetime Discount of 25% and above will not see the discount as yours is set already at or...
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  • Api Oil available again

    Api Oil available again

    You can once again add it to your cart. I'm not sure what I did to fix it, but I did fix it.
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  • Mix and Match Packs

    Mix and Match Packs

    The auto function of adding three 10ml spray products from retail and Artisan is working. It only works for guests and default users though right now. If you have a Lifetime Discount below the set value of the pack you'll still need to use the Mix and Match pack link under the respected category to apply the larger discount (They will not compound with your Lifetime Discount). Anyone at 25% or above it won't matter as your discount is higher.

    I have to create a rule so the...
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  • EU Stock Alert

    EU Stock Alert

    I shipped everything, except the new body lotion (I accidentally sent the old) and InBetween. They changed the way Customs operates in BG from multiple facilities to a single one which requires communication through a series of emails. We went from an average of 2 weeks (including shipping time) to right now we have been waiting 25 days. Just wanted to give everybody a heads up, why its taking so long.

    I did include most putatives and molecules for ordering though from 12.5 to 25mcg....
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  • Barely Legal In Stock

    Barely Legal In Stock

    I got some of the molecule. It was enough to make about 24 and I'm really not sure what will become of it when sold out.
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