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EU HUB Product Stock and Important Info


  • EU HUB Product Stock and Important Info

    I have great news for our European Union friends!

    You are NOW able to order 10ml and 30ml XiSt from our EU Hub and have it delivered to your door without customs opening your package. Most packages are delivered right to your front door (depending on the country) in as little as few days. We've successfully shipped a few packages across the EU to about as far away as possible. The slowest package arrived in 7 days, while the fastest was 3.

    Because we are in the final stages of opening the EU hub, we've had to meet a few preset rules that while seemingly cumbersome in some ways are our gateway into a much bigger operation. We've started with one product but are in continued negotiations for our entire retail catalogue to follow. We suspect approval will come sometime mid-October but in the meantime we have XiSt ready to order.

    There's a couple things to know that are pretty important. The first and most important is the VAT associated with EU orders. Everyday we get asked to lower the value of orders so you don't have to pay VAT. We get it, but as you are probably aware customs has received a directive to open packages and search out the value of the products on the site they have been ordered from. Now even if you have an invoice stating the cost as $24, they want to see your bank statement verifying this payment. Apparently this is EU wide now and we believe its an official directive. Be careful out there.

    So how does having an EU hub benefit you:

    Since we ship all the products to our hub we pay all the VAT and other customs charges upfront.
    There will be a nominal VAT of 7% passed along to you
    Shipping will be $3 for under $37 or free over $75 using Priority Post with tracking. From what I am to understand this is the fastest postal delivery option in the EU.
    Tracking is usually available within a day of shipping, but may not be updated in our system for at least 24 hours. Even then it might not be trackable for a couple days.
    We are currently working out deals with EMS and other local overnight courier
    No more going to customs and answering invasive questions.
    No more packages opened in front of strangers
    Packages delivered to your door in most instances
    You can still use our checkout system with your same username and password and take advantage of all the benefits like points, lifetime discounts.

    We cannot open the bottles in our EU Hub so fragrances are not currently available but will be when we expand services.
    Please understand we are gradually ramping up services so some things like same day shipping, crazy stickers and candy may be sporadic to begin with.

    The EU hub will be closed August 29th through September 02nd because Idle has a holiday prearranged at the sea with his girl. I don't know about you, but if he tries to get out of this he will be killed. If you are ordering during this period we will send you an email reminding you of the situation, but even with this delay, you'll probably still get your order much quicker.

    I'm really excited about this and we've been pretty much working 14+ hours at least a few days a week preparing.


    • Loquisimo
      Loquisimo commented
      Editing a comment
      It looks like Xist spray and oil, is out of stock at EU shop. I just came from summer trip, sadly probably I over closed the tap of Xist oil and broke, and slip lots of his contents.. :( I would like to get again Xist and Taboo... from EU shop--

    • Loquisimo
      Loquisimo commented
      Editing a comment
      Great new, probably I will be loading money on paypal on next days...looking forward for Xist and Taboo

    • idle
      idle commented
      Editing a comment
      Originally posted by Loquisimo
      Great new, probably I will be loading money on paypal on next days...looking forward for Xist and Taboo
      Hey there Loquisimo,
      just letting you know that XiSt is now back in stock
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