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Update: Orders to Australia - Reinstated


  • Update: Orders to Australia - Reinstated

    We are experiencing issues with Australian customs and until we resolve this issue all orders to Australia have been suspended. We follow all INCI laws to ensure compliance and yet Australia is not allowing our shipments to go through. Even our FedEx customs broker has said this is unprecedented. We are working to resolve this issue. If you are one of those experiencing issues please remain patient as we are doing everything we can to resolve this matter.

    The biggest challenge is the time difference. I'm going to call Australian customs personally to get to the bottom of this.

    • Dignify
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      Originally posted by KateD
      I know this is late,although I have been aware of this for some time. However, I just wanted to publicly say :

      Yeah! I love how Steve and you guys care for your customers and you always take that extra mile to guarantee full satisfaction and you didn't stop at even one molecule removed. Cheers for !

    • Frankv
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      We have two orders on the way,one via fed ex another via usps. About s month or three ago,heaps of customs officers were busted for corruption. Maybe there were some phero enthusiasts amongst them!

    • SteveO
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      Originally posted by Frankv
      We have two orders on the way,one via fed ex another via usps. About s month or three ago,heaps of customs officers were busted for corruption. Maybe there were some phero enthusiasts amongst them!
      Thanks for the info Frankv. I think our issue came with including the actual pheromone names on the label. Its illegal to import DHEA into Canada and Australia as a substance for Steroid use. However in its pheromone form in a complex blend it is not a steroid and can never be a steroid. So we removed it as an ingredient on the label and have a disclaimer in the store its not included. Over zealousness is more likely the issue of new customs guys filling in for the ones busted.
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    Orders will not be shipping today.

    The phones will be off as well.

    Sorry for inconvenience but the safety and well being of everyone here is important.
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