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XSP115 Restocked - Price Change


  • XSP115 Restocked - Price Change

    XSP115 has been restocked with a price change.

    We had to have this molecule custom synthesized which adds significant fees to obtain it. Normally, when we buy a molecule it's an amount needed (for products, or what can be resold). However, custom synthesis requires us to purchase it in bulk with the added fees to have it made. The significant difference in pricing reflects those fees.

    • XSteveO
      XSteveO commented
      Editing a comment
      I'm only allowing one per customer so please stop attempting to buy it all so nobody else can get it. Any more than one to cart and I'll remove all of them from your cart so you get none like you're trying to do to others.

    • Vicki Lee
      Vicki Lee commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you XSteveO! 🙌🏾
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  • [UPDATE] XSP86 - Still Waiting
    by XSteveO
    We had this custom synthesized for us, but a slight imperfection was found on the thin layer chromatography (TLC). I could accept it as is, but I'd rather it be recrystallized to ensure quality. So there are more delays, but it is progressing.

    UPDATE 12/27
    I had this custom synthesized but the TLC results came back with a slight imperfection. The scientist decided to have the product recleaned and recrystallized

    Understanding the holidays and all I now...
    11-16-2022, 10:24 AM
  • Girlfriend XS196 Restock
    by XSteveO
    Back in stock
    11-01-2022, 01:08 PM
  • EVOLVE OIL Restock
    by XSteveO
    Evolve Oil has been restocked
    10-28-2022, 08:46 AM
  • ANONE Restock
    by XSteveO
    AndrostANONE is back in stock
    10-28-2022, 08:45 AM
  • Optional Bulb Dropper Unavailable
    by XSteveO
    We had received these as an alternative to the Euro dropper when we were using the clear bottles for oils.

    We had thousands of those droppers and gave them away as an option but have run out now. The company that provided them no longer offers it on their site.

    Neck size is 18-400 10ml

    You can get them on amazon in smaller quantities just remember the bottle capacity is essential, as well as the neck size.
    08-10-2022, 11:47 AM
  • XSP75 - Finally Back In Stock
    by XSteveO
    I had a small fortune but I managed to get a gram of this so it's back in stock.

    1 per customer

    05-06-2022, 11:46 AM