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XSP75 - Finally Back In Stock


  • XSP75 - Finally Back In Stock

    I had a small fortune but I managed to get a gram of this so it's back in stock.

    1 per customer


    • Usagi
      Usagi commented
      Editing a comment
      Is there a thread about this? A search didn’t turn up anything for me 👀

    • Muestereate
      Muestereate commented
      Editing a comment
      its a guys enone substitute. If you are feeling adventurous. most molecules can be buffered for either sex. Status and power I believe though I've never tried it.

    • XSteveO
      XSteveO commented
      Editing a comment
      working on redoing a lot of options. You'll see big changes in the store.
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  • Ascend Oil Back in stock
    by XSteveO
    Yay! Another product is back in stock. Happy Holidays everyone
    12-21-2023, 02:50 PM
  • Girlfriend
    by XSteveO
    Another blend back in stock.

    Love love love
    12-18-2023, 02:14 PM
  • Vibe 10 and 30's
    by XSteveO
    Back in stock. Very limited amount of 30's though.

    Enjoy my friends.

    I'm working as fast as I can between everything else to restock what we can. Making the blends is actually my favorite thing to do. It's the bottling and labeling that take a toll on all of us. Very monotonous even with machines which many, we are still in the process of reaquiring.

    12-18-2023, 02:04 PM
  • Domination
    by XSteveO
    Back in stock...Enjoy
    12-18-2023, 01:17 PM
  • 30 mL update!
    by Hayley
    Hello XS family!!

    We put some 30 mLs back in stock! There is a limited count at the moment, but they will all return very soon. We are working on restocking all 10 mL sprays right now, but the 30 mLs and oils will make their comeback! SteveO, Kyle and I appreciate you all very much, and we hope you know how amazing you all are!

    Here is a list of the 30 mLs back in stock:

    Ascend with copulins
    Ascend without copulins

    12-13-2023, 01:17 PM
  • Stock Update SOB and Boyfriend
    by XSteveO
    Been working pretty hard in the lab trying to get things back in stock. Don't yet have all the molecules or glassware but I do have enough to make some blends.

    Today I made some SOB and Boyfriend and they will be in stock in a little bit.

    Glad to be making blends again
    12-05-2023, 01:05 PM