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UPDATED Shipping Rates 2019


  • UPDATED Shipping Rates 2019

    I haven't calculated everything but there will be some increases to shipping in 2019. I just wanted everyone to know as soon as I could so there isn't any shock.

    As always we will still be offering USPS First Class Mail for free (when you spend a certain amount) but will be changing the name to Economy Shipping as we will be shipping from different locations.

    I'm pretty sure we are the only pheromone company to offer International Shipping for free and that won't be changing, except maybe the threshold cost. Believe me I'd rather you buy more items with your money than pay for shipping, but there's just no way to get around it. We don't make any money on shipping as its money directly attributed to...well shipping.

    So again just an FYI you should be aware of shipping costs increases in 2019

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      Read & understood.

    • SteveO
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      Some new shipping rates have gone into effect. They raised our rates some time ago, but I have not raised the rates until now. FedEx is the most significant increase which brings us in line with most other vendors pricing yet still a little bit less. We don't make money on shipping by padding any of the costs. Please keep in mind that its not just the price of the stamp, but the materials like packaging and sorts. The only rate that did not increase on us is the Economy International which is actually surprising

      We're also no longer naming the shipping service as USPS or otherwise, except FedEx. This gives us the option to ship the fastest way possible without limiting the service we choose. We are working on a deal with another carrier to get Priority shipments (2-days) so rather than having to go back and change everything we just call it Economy, Priority, Express and FedEx. You may see tracking numbers from different services in the near future, not based on price, rather based on how quickly it can be delivered within that price range.

      So effective today shipping rates are as follows
      USA Shipping
      Economy (Typically the USPS FCM) - Average Delivery 5-10 Days: $4.97
      Priority (May be USPS, FedEx or UPS) - Average Delivery 2-3 Days: $8.97
      Express (May be USPS, FedEx or UPS) - Average Delivery 1-2 Days: $24.97
      FedEx (FedEx Priority Overnight) - Average Delivery 1 Business Day: $39.97 (Heavier orders may incur additional fees)

      Canada Shipping
      Economy (Typically the USPS FCM) - Average Delivery 10-30 Days: $10.97
      Priority (May be USPS, FedEx or UPS) - Average Delivery 6-10 Days: $25.97
      Express (May be USPS, FedEx or UPS) - Average Delivery 3-5 Days: $43.97
      FedEx (FedEx Priority Overnight) - Average Delivery 2-3 Business Day: $49.97 (Heavier orders may incur additional fees)

      Global Shipping
      Economy (Typically the USPS FCM) - Average Delivery 20-45 Days: $16.97
      Priority (May be USPS, FedEx or UPS) - Average Delivery 10-20 Days: $36.97
      Express (May be USPS, FedEx or UPS) - Average Delivery 5-10 Days: $66.97
      FedEx (FedEx Priority Overnight) - Average Delivery 2-3 Business Day: $99.97 (Heavier orders may incur additional fees)

      Average delivery times are estimates only based on averages. These do not account for any delays due to customs/border checks.
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