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Shipping Rates 2019


  • Shipping Rates 2019

    I haven't calculated everything but there will be some increases to shipping in 2019. I just wanted everyone to know as soon as I could so there isn't any shock.

    As always we will still be offering USPS First Class Mail for free (when you spend a certain amount) but will be changing the name to Economy Shipping as we will be shipping from different locations.

    I'm pretty sure we are the only pheromone company to offer International Shipping for free and that won't be changing, except maybe the threshold cost. Believe me I'd rather you buy more items with your money than pay for shipping, but there's just no way to get around it. We don't make any money on shipping as its money directly attributed to...well shipping.

    So again just an FYI you should be aware of shipping costs increases in 2019

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