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Welcome Androtics Customers


  • Welcome Androtics Customers

    Thanks everybody for taking the time to write us here at XS about your Androtics (AD) questions. Please understand that at one time, many years ago, I was a consultant for AD, hired specifically to discuss pheromones. I never had any access to formulas, putative molecules or any other ingredients. I answered pheromone questions.

    All of us here at XS have been repeatedly made aware of AD’s sudden departure and while I do find that sad (competition is always a good thing) I need to emphasize a couple things. I respect and appreciate your loyalty to them, however we are not them and this needs to be very clear.

    I do not make AD products, plan on replicating them, nor in any way, shape or form will I custom make them. There were certain products I too enjoyed and in my own way I have made blends that compliment the great aspects while leaving behind what I didn’t like.

    Lets take A314, the most requested please make this blend. Way back when I first began with AD (late 2006) I was given the opportunity to test the Royal Oil version. I believe this batch was extremely limited to a very select group. I absolutely loved it as it was all about trust and respect. Over the years A314 continually changed to morph into a product based on respect by dominance rather than trust. Many of these continued changes were met with confusion and a whole lot of pushback from its regular users, while others liked it.

    For me original A314, when worn in a professional environment, people treated you as a trusted and respected colleague whom they wanted to work with. Each change brought about a more dominant aspect that steered away from trust and respect to… well lets just say people no longer wanted to work with you as much as they were intimidated to work for you. Behind your back they probably didn’t have much nice things to say. I thought it changed the entire dynamic.

    There are those who absolutely loved this new direction and so continued to use and love A314. I’m certainly not in any way knocking anyone for that, its just not my speed. Its one of the key reasons I created Ascend, because I wanted something that elevates the person to a status of awesome while subtly influencing those around you to recognize your strengths and respect you for them. I took the points I liked most about many alpha-status products I had used and created Ascend.

    Along that path, one of Ascend’s earlier formulations (there were many, as with all of our blends) really captured the essence of what I believe the early A314 captured. However at the time and still true today I am not really into copied products and so I kept note of it, but shelved it. Well it took a whole lot of prompting by my friend and coworker idle to finally release it and we called it Api. Its a play on A314 and at least for me, its my nod to a very good and beloved early A314, but again its not A314. I just liked the swagger, that “street” aspect I got when I wore it out rather than to work.

    Just to be clear, Ascend is all about trust and respect and while the same can be said for Api, it also encompasses a bit more of a street aspect to it. Neither one is A314.

    I began experimenting with putative molecules when AD abruptly stopped selling half of theirs without any reasons except “rolling blackouts. I was always a community member looking to expand pheromone science first. I too however, bought into that Cool-Aid and I’m okay with that.

    My mentor, Dancing Joker, and I were at a loss when beloved molecules like P86, P93, P96 and many, many others just vanished. POOF they were gone and we felt as if we were left with what can only be described as complete shock and disappointment! Dancing Joker and I had created hundreds of amazing blends based on these putative molecules so we were dependent on AD continuing to provide them. Dancing Joker suggested to start experimenting if only so we could replicate our own blends. Out of respect to Jasmin I released very little info on any of the names of which I feel are the putative molecules. This is now under review.

    Just like everyone else I couldn’t get any P96 and I loved the stuff. So after years of hard-work, and ridiculous amounts of money, we started to build a list of what are now called putative alternatives. Can I be 100% sure? Well no, but unless I’m 99% certain I also don’t release them as putative alternatives. Should you take my word (and Dancing Joker) as the final authority? I really hope you wouldn’t. My best suggestion is to test them out and share your thoughts, insights and ideas with the community. Whats awesome about this is with each post you can earn bigger Lifetime Discounts. You’ll help us grow the list of molecules available and as mentioned above I’m pretty sure we will start releasing names in short order (just need legals consent).

    The good news is XS has plenty of great products by real pheromone enthusiasts just like yourself or you wouldn’t be here. I appreciate that, but even if you’re here just for retail products its cool too. XS IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I promise if I ever do I’ll release every damn molecule I have ever tested! However, and I must emphasize this, we are not Androtics. We don’t make A314 or Instant this or that. XS has awesome products unique to our brand and so we don’t need to imitate anyone else.

    You can find your new favorite products laid out in pretty easy categories. Most are self explanatory, but we are also in the midst of a year-long shopping cart upgrade. Artisan blends are simply put, blends that don’t really fit anywhere else. Take Ascend and Api as an example; both are status like products. Having two like-products in the same category might confuse people so we keep the retail product; Ascend where it is and the artisan product; Api in its own category. It might not be perfect but either are we.

    With that said we welcome anyone coming over from AD and hope we inspire you with our products. For the most part, they are all very powerful and so they last almost 8 hours in spray form. You will not need to reapply any socials as our formulation process keeps all molecules diffusing at the same time and at the same levels. At the end of the night you have the same blend as you did in the beginning only expected diminished results as time passes.

    This also means we are not going to just throw money at you to “solve your issues.” We take a lot of steps to ensure the order gets to you in good fashion. If you believe for one second that you’re going to come over and expect us to bend over backwards to appease every unreasonable and crazy demand, please just don’t bother. I built this company and our image on quality products and customer service. Its who XS is and about. We will always do our best to solve anything that arises in a fair and honest matter, but we also will not tolerate abuse.

    Whenever our clients have organically migrated over to XS, most hadn’t any idea I created XS. Many just thought I left AD and that was it. I’m so cool with that because we didn’t want a bunch of people looking for us to recreate another companies products. We are XS, a bit silly at times (well mostly silly depending on who you ask). We take special care to ensure quality and value are key values in everything we do.

    You’re going to love XS.
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