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New Team Member: Welcome Idle


  • New Team Member: Welcome Idle

    Many of you might have already assumed that Idle, a close personal friend of mines, has worked for pheromone for a while, but you wouldn't be quite right. You see, I have been begging Idle to come work for me for about a year now. We have been pretty close friends since back in the early days of Androtics and everything he has done, has been out of generosity on his part.

    When it comes to somebodies character that's all I really have to say. The guy has built and rebuilt all my sites and tirelessly made change after change. All the while refusing to take a penny for his work. Believe me, I've begged him and even sneakily sent him payments which he then sneakily returned. If you guys could hear our interactions you'd get a pretty good laugh from it. On that note I have a great idea and you'll get to listen in soon enough.

    However after much persistence and coaxing I'd like to personally and professionally officially welcome Mr. Idle to Team as our Director of Everything Superb. He's officially joined the team and will be handling all technical aspects of the company including server admin, tech support, web development, SEO, and a bunch of other stuff.

    Mr Idle also has an extensive knowledge of pheromones and when available will be happy to answer your questions on the forum. Anything related to running the company will still be me. Client Services will still be handled by Kate.

    Welcome Mr. Idle super excited that you are finally a part of our family for real

    • Inconceivablezen
      Inconceivablezen commented
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      Wow I didn't see this thread! Great you have joined XS Idle!!

      Anything to make this business succeed!


    • Dancing Joker
      Dancing Joker commented
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      Congratulations and welcome aboard officially, Idle!

    • SteveO
      SteveO commented
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      With Idle, KateD and Jason I can now do the things I know best and love. Like making blends. Although the past several weeks I have been doing things away from the daily stuff to further the business. Besides making new blends there will be some good changes happening here soon enough.

      I'll be keeping everyone posted, but most of the victories I have secured run seamlessly in the background. You won't notice them but they will make your experience with XS all the better.
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