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Introducing XS Operations Director and other restructuring changes


  • Introducing XS Operations Director and other restructuring changes

    A Big hello from all of us at the XS Labs.

    XS has been growing well beyond the capabilities of just Idle, Kate and myself and we’ve brought on some incredible people, already with us, behind the scenes. I’ve made reference to them a few times by name but have wanted to do a more formal introduction and properly welcome them to our community.

    Before XS.
    If you had asked me 7 years ago, when I had first created my ICM mix, about where I’d be today I couldn’t even have imagined pheromoneXS. I was content working as a consultant, sharing my love and passion for pheromones with others.

    I loved pheromones so much and how they were changing my life that just a short while before I was brought on as consultant I had volunteered my services. I had a couple weeks off and sincerely wanted to help get them caught up on the 3 month backlog of no customer service or GC’s. Jasmin insisted I be compensated with a $600 GC to get some more mones. I was happier than a hobo on a ham sandwich!

    In my heart at the time I was helping a friend, the underdog, with good products. I got everything sorted out, built a customer service experience that still gets praises over there, issued all the unsent GC's and did my best to be welcoming and friendly. I guess I did something right because my first day back to work on my real job Jasmin enticed me to come work as a consultant.

    Why XS?
    There are a lot of reasons, but if I had to chose just one it would be community. There’s no hiding my love of creating blends that work, from one enthusiast to another, but if I couldn’t share this love with the community I’m not sure where I’d be today.

    I remember inviting about 25 community members to test out ICM and when the results came in matching my own, the thrill was unbelievable. I was content giving the formula away freely to be added as the now famous MX301 just so others could share in something I knew worked and well at that.

    There’s been a lot of conjecture of what happened over there and why I ultimately left but this post is about creating the future and what XS is all about: Real pheromone blends by real pheromone enthusiasts for real pheromone users. While I am deeply saddened by their choices and current direction I'll leave the drama and lies to them and stick to my passion: pheromone innovation and community!

    Introducing our Director of Operations: NoelO
    Work isn’t really work when you love what you do, but I do have my limitations. Organization and structure are my weak points where creativity is my strength. I’m very spontaneous and anyone who knows me will tell you I can be as reckless as creative but I truly shine when things are most chaotic. However I also understand XS needs structure to continue forward in our growth, not to mention not many others thrive under chaos. Which is exactly why NoelO joins us.

    I’ve known Noel all my life and with good reason, he’s my older brother. We shared a bedroom for the first 9 years of my life and he kept me safe against my 2 evil middle brothers who surely were out to kill or at the very least maim me.

    I’m really not sure how or why, but as completely opposite Noel and I are to each other we have a deep connection with traits that only compliment the other. We do share the same sense of humor though.

    Noel is going to be overseeing all daily operations and has my full trust to make the decisions needed to take XS to the next level. Noel comes to XS with an impressive resume including commodities broker, global export company specializing in computer chips, successful nightclub owner, direct management of Fortune 500 companies, several other business start-ups as well as an accomplished musician and he’s even a cat lover.

    Noel will be doing pretty much all the things I either choose not to do, or seriously have no patience to do. This gives me time, which is so valuable to me now, to do the things that I love, like making new blends. XS140 XStential is great example of what happens when I have a minute to breath. It also free’s up my ability to get away from the things that pull me away from the phones, emails and has a domino effect for Idle and KateD. Its a good thing and so far, everyone is really happy.

    Noel and his skills, are highly sought after and as such I could only get his commitment for a few days a week. The great news is that he has been with XS, a few months now and already there’s been significant progress. He totally gets me and the best part about his joining XS is he gets the vision I have for my humble pheromone company.

    I think the most exciting thing about Noel joining XS is his total buy-in of pheromones. From the very first bottle I gave him, he’s been vocally spreading their praise. I like to take a more quiet approach and keep my secret, secret but Noel has been enthusiastically promoting their amazing and powerful ability to influence those you come in contact with. I love when someone gets pheromones and so when I can amaze my brother, friend and mentor, life is pretty wonderful. Its always been a thrill to watch the look of amazement on someones face when they experience their first pheromone results take hold.

    I’ll let Noel fill you in on the details of his position and some of the things he is bringing to the table. I also want him to introduce Diego, our newest Team XS member. I’ve been saying all along we have so much planned but were running into time constraints. All of our plans are now starting to take shape.

    • NoelO
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      Editing a comment
      Steve is ever kind with his reasons for my ongoing delays. Yes, navigating Idle's security measures requires a phd from MIT, but it does tend to keep the criminal element at bey. With regard to my technical limitations I will tell you I finally did figure out how to log into my secured administrator account, so I can actually get some work done now

      To Magpie, KateD & Octane Junkie, thanks for the warm welcome!!!

      Diego has been introduced now that my POST button has re-appeared thanks to Idle.

      To SteveO - I have un-friended you on my myface account, and you can still come for the holidays, but, you must now bring me 2 presents of equal value!

    • 2000GT
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      BTW, it's nice to meet another Mid Atlantic resident

    • NoelO
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      Hey hey 2000GT, yes indeed in the Mid-A, originally from central New Jersey shore area - miss the ocean quite a bit. Glad too meet up with you as well. As Steve said previously I do get caught up with things, however, I eventually make the time to catch up with the world.
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