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New Lab - Pictures of construction


  • New Lab - Pictures of construction

    Been building out our new lab with lots of storage and party space. Figured I'd take some pictures of the build.

    We will be doing the FAQ videos here, when completed, just in case you're wondering where they are. We are also adding in a streaming video cam if possible. The lab will be off limits for all video and recording devices though, for obvious reasons. The lounge area will have a Wii and maybe playstation4 with 3D TV and Blue-ray. We have some very cool lights and fun features planned.

    Its all coming together nicely, but the key thing is space. We were previously using the space as a warehouse storage, but got the go ahead to build a new lab. I'll keep posting pictures as I can.

    The walls are red brick with black grout. Doors are dark grey, side walls are light grey and the trim is grey-black. We were going to do hard wood flooring, but it exceeded our budget. We are still considering a nice oriental rug instead.

    Please be aware that custom orders might take a little bit longer and until the lab is functional.

    Front Door wall not yet fully painted


    Color scheme (the blue is painters tape)

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    • 2000GT
      2000GT commented
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      Jeez, I'll have to see about stopping on by for a visit...

    • KateD
      KateD commented
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      I want everyone to realize that this lab being created is a non productive environment and we should stop Steve from completing immediately. All comfortable furniture and fun stuff should be returned and we are going to re-decorate to have more of a sweat shop appeal.

      I think that would help production and work ethic.

      WHO'S WITH ME ?????

    • jacky18
      jacky18 commented
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      I'm with you. Bring on more productivity!!

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