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    SteveO It seems for a few weeks if you go to LAL products on their site and click on "add to cart" it takes you to an empty cart. I feel sad this is happening because LAL is a leader and innovator. Their products are amazing. I hope Garry can get this straightened out.


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      Will do guys. I like Gary so I wish him the best.

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        This is from the user Stripes over at pherotruth:

        I've been E-mailing him and I think the situation will take some time to solve.. maybe another two weeks. It's out of his hands and he's trying to do everything he can obviously. The merchant provider is taking issue with the LAL website and want him to make some changes among other things..


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          2000GT Thanks for the update. In addition to PXS, I love LAL and Pheromone Treasures. I hope Garry can get this solved soon.


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            I wish he'd get his payment issues sorted. I'd like to buy an unscented bottle of Bad Wolf. I've gone through two bottles of the scented version. Usually used it in a combo with a drop of SOB under my nose.
            Bad Wolf


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