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  • Curvy girls?

    Now I know that different types of women can be more predisposed towards certain types of mone signatures. None tends to be more effective with Latin women and older women milfs/cougars, while Rone and socials tend to be more effective with Asians and younger women.

    So if race and age can effect how a woman responds to different pheromones, I would imagine in theory that women of a certain body type would likewise have similar predispositions. As things like non enhanced breast size, and hip/waist ratio are directly related to a womans natural hormone profile, it just seems to make sense.

    So my question is, what individual pheromones/products are best for attracting women with big boobs?

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    uh.... what
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    So what you're saying is that different races have different reactions to pheromones, and women of different body types are likewise also affected by different kinds of pheromone signatures? So far I don't really notice a difference in effects among different body weights except that the chubbier girls are more receptive to my Xist, I think? No idea if that's a thing to be honest.

    Had to edit this a little bit, got kinda confused by the question.
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      I mean... I wonder if he has a point, lmao.
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        Lemme know if you discover which pheromone attracts then

        But until then, I feel compelled to tell you that from experience, social conditions affect pheromone reactions far more strongly than genetic factors.

        Societal conditioning seems to override the acceptable pheromonal reactions.

        Using Ascend in India was just bad news. Couldn't get anything to work there. Except socials. And taboo every once in a while.


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          I am curvy and I am a sucker for DM+.

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