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    I was slacking big time with makeup, a lot due to the fact that I was sick of so much foundation getting all over the mask. I ended up going to get a lash lift and tint. It's done wonders for my normally short/hard to curl lashes .
    interested in hearing makeup recommendations from everyone here though. Especially natural choices.
    Full bottles: Cohesion, Connections, Desire Me+, Girlfriend, Love Boat, Psel, Tease, Xist
    Samples: Fairytale, Fantasy, Flirt, Innocence, Sweetness
    LPMP: Perfect Match, Blatant Invitation, Cuddle Bunny, Pherogirl


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      Mask life has really helped me in preserving my makeup, but I am trying to decide whether or not the masks effect the reactions of the pheromones
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        The mask wearing makes me do smoky eyes every day to play up the only feature that can consistantly be played up, so the person who said I would use less makeup during COVID_19 was obviously wrong.

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