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Lesbian sister wanting to try male pheros

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    Originally posted by Muestereate View Post
    If I was a lesbian, I'd want to be the alpha lesbian. Maybe a milder friendzone male pheromone combining with her natural or estra boosted signature is what she is looking for?
    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll mention that to her.

    I do believe she is happy with SOB. She softens it with Xist4w and gets the results shes looking for.

    I dont think people mistake her for a Transgender person, it isn't the vibe she gives off. With her mode of dress she just comes across as a smooth talking lesbian, at least with sob, havent seen her around enough people with dominant ascend

    Love your avi of the star btw. Who is the artist? Looks like a nice rendition of rider waite
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    Looking forward to trying Dominant Ascend myself. By the descriptions, I've read API and dominate Ascend look like where I may end up as far as status. I guess I have a lot of friends in the gay community, that's why I butted in. I've noticed some unexpected attractions or maybe interest with the girls. A little bit of change of dress and freer attitudes around me too. I like it, they are really good people. Voodoo and Raw Chemistry for men, very light dosages. very early morning. Glad your sister is getting the results she's looking for.

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      Wow, SOB seems to be a good deal on my list. I hate when strange men catcall me on the streets and maybe this is a good way to avoid them!


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