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Putatives help Xsp86 and Xsp96

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  • Putatives help Xsp86 and Xsp96

    Hello everyone, I am new to the platform and fairly new to the phermone using as well. Started using phermones since last year.

    As of 2 months ago I had purchased Xsp86 @ 50 mcg and Xsp96 10mcg. I had used it a handful
    of times in combination with other mones and by its self as well. However nothing came to positive fruition so here I am asking for experts male or females to help me unlock the full potential of this elixir.

    Also is there a way to better prep the skin before applying mones oil and spray. Any special soap, spray, edible or other product that can promote the skin microbial activity to help enhance the mones experience.


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    You should have started with the mainstream blends to learn, Taboo, Xist Ascendto learn, then you learn to add a dash of putatives.


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      I have used:

      Xist Spray
      Taboo Spray
      Connection Spray
      Evolve Spray
      Crush spray
      Cohesion Oil with coupulins

      The response with taboo and crush combined was so good that I was starting to fall for it. I had suddenly noticed the visual beautifying effect in the opposite person that I didn’t know could really exist. Based on these results and some digging on the store I came across putatives and Xsp86 that had all I wanted

      I know people swear by its magic, it’s just I need to know how to make it work in combinations and nuance’s as it’s tough to get results on its own. Either way I’m here to learn so please don’t hold back.


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        Sorry it’s Ascend oil with couplings and not cohesion


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          From my experimentation with those putatives I didn't find any impressive results, those 2 are probably the most popular and there's alot of great reports on them, and they were actually the first 2 putatives I started testing with because they sounded awesome, but unfortunately I didn't get any of the results people reported, in my experience both of these putatives have a softening factor to them, meaning if you come of as an aggressive person to others these molecules can ease that up, or if you are wearing alot of nones or rones or if you mistakenly overdosed on status or sexual molecules these molecules can tune it down and reduce the aggressiveness, and I would say 96 does that a little bit better than 86, but unfortunately I didn't notice any crushy effect from 96 or beautification from 86, let us know about your findings, happy testing.


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            Maybe add some DT:

            XSP86 - DiscoverXS - Pheromone Research

            Diffusion Technology (pheromonexs.com)


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              Thank you guys really appreciate you guys responding. I was never aware of DT, thanks for bringing it up, I will try and let you guys know.

              As for p86 (50mcg 1 spray on scalp), I have paired it with connection on wrist (1 spray), cohesion (1drop shared on both wrist), xist and evolve (1 spray neck), api (2drop oil neck), and celebrity (3sprays neck).

              I was treated like a rockstar, with everyone complimenting and listening to be, everyone just wanted to talk and make me the Center of attention. There was one person that I usually don’t get along with due to his inflated ego, and making me feel alienated, this time I just ignored him and it seemed he was intimidated by my level of presence in the room.

              My mood was fabulous, and people were really impressed by my level of knowledge and complementing on my looks. I in particular didn’t take anything seriously and absolutely enjoyed my time there and didn’t have fear of people as I usually do, as I had been severely bullied in childhood and partially in adulthood resulting in flashbacks, self isolation etc. These products have helped me tremendously enabling me to get out in the public and be my true self like before letting me take another chance for happiness in life.


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