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  • Thinker

    So I've been working with Thinker for the last couple of days. I like the self effects for work. I have used just one spray and 2 sprays. At one spray I am motivated, and focused, at two I think the name of the spray should be "Tunnel-vision". I was putting on my makeup this morning, and I did everything more intently than it really needed. I totally obsessed about my makeup. Granted, It looks great today, but I literally took off my eyeliner on one eye and re-applied it 2X because it wasn't absolutely perfect! It almost made me late. Lesson learned, makeup first, pheros after.

    So anyway. Calm focused motivation with Thinker. I have been ripping through my work to-do list, and also getting some things done at home that I've been on the fence with for quite some time (can you say new mattress?). I don't feel I could wear this everyday, as I'd be getting so much done at such a breakneck pace that I think I would eventually crash from exhaustion. On a day where I know I have a lot to do though, it's perfect. It has definitely earned a place in my arsenal.
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    Interesting results. I definitely get the tunnel vision thing. Thinker makes me very introverted. Thoughts seem sharper, more fluid and expansive. It's great for writing or doing research. I can't say that I obsess or get more motivated.
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      Thinker is awesome to get things done. Sport too.

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