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Love Boat XS!

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  • #41
    1-2 is my best dose
    Pheromone XS
    Oil: evolve, xist
    Spray: Xist, Evolve, cohesion, sob


    • #42
      Originally posted by pingu View Post
      hmm I didn't really think that high dosages of socials might cause diminishing results but this is kind of eye opening
      I'm think guinea pig for this, LOL.
      Full Bottles: Tease, Sweetness, Fairytale, Goddess, Babe, Celebrity, Cohesion, Vibe, Connections (x2), Sexy Confidence, Outspoken, Desire Me+, Happiness, Fantasy, Limitless, Mascot, Xist, Thinker, Madame, DHEAS, xs196/Girlfriend (x2), Love Boat, Comply (x2), xs194/InBetween, Bliss, Innocence, Flirt, xs130/Status, Engage, xs189, xs190, xs191, xsr46, xsr68, P82, P83, P86, P96

      Samples: xSport, Glow, Outspoken, Temptress, Happiness, Odyssey, Innocence, Mascot


      • #43
        I have tried wearing more than 2 drops of Love Boat. I lost status with it with men at 4 drops.

        I consistently see women talking dirty with LB and just feeling very at ease. Kind of like the product Nude.

        The funny thing is that multiple tell me that they love me when I have it on. Just random people telling me that they love me.


        • #44
          I am down to half a bottle of this and have little to no idea how it wears on me. Shame because I know it's a beautiful blend. Been feeling in a lovey mood lately so I'm wearing one spray to my chest today.


          • #45
            Been testing a lot of new stuff but Love Boat will always be a staple
            You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


            • #46
              One spray to my neck and I felt....not good lol. This seems to make me emotional/weepy. Today was not nearly so bad, a slight emotional tenderness but I knew I was fine so it was confusing. The last time I wore this to meet someone and the plans felt through and I was a sensitive, teary, pining mess.

              People were very attentive and kind today. I also had on some Sweetness. It was all service industry people so it could’ve been totally normal but I got a lot of compliments on my appearance.


              • #47
                LB never worked on me, but sweetness is good!
                XSPerfumes 10ml Sprays Comply,Sexy Confidence,Bitch, Celebrity, Babe,XSential Body Spray for women, P86, P114,P106,Mascot,Engage,BNOL,Sweetness,EST, Tease,Odyssey,Temptress,Flirt,Fairytale,Girlfriend ,Sleaze

                Oils: Fantasy,Copulin,Connections,DesireMe,Xist

                Scented LPMP : Cuddle Bunny, Lumina, LFM, Bang, SS4W, Cougar
                OCCO: Red, Gold, Pink, Blue, Cherry Tabac, Lam, Phero Girl
                Butter Scotch


                • Usagi
                  Usagi commented
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                  I do love Sweetness!

              • #48
                I don't recall why, but Love Boat found its way into the "back of the rack" so to speak. I suppose I was never really able to home in on any clear reactions from wearing it, even on a daily basis.
                My Stash at the moment:
                PXS: APi (ADG); Sprays: Ascend, androstaDIONONE A1 (10mcg/spray), Bliss, XS193M/Boyfriend, Celebrity, Cohesion, Connect, Evolve, Love Boat, SOB, Taboo, Xist 10/30, XS208, XS209, XS210, XS211, XS212, XS213, XS214, XS215, XS216, XS217, Samplers: Comply, Dominent Ascend, Engage, Glow, Happiness, PSE, Thinker, Vibes, XSport
                LAL: BW, A/V, NA
                AD: Corporativo, Glace
                LPMP: TLC 60/40, 90/10, roller
                PTreas: GOA, Capt Oil, THU, Swoon, ETFZ
                Love-Scent: AE, Edge. Chikara gel, Alpha 7, Scented Pheromone Oils, Androstadienone


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