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Vibe is awesome!

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  • Vibe is awesome!

    Yesterday I received Vibe/Vibes. <- There's a mystery to be solved there. On the bottles it says Vibes. In the description on the site it says Vibe. Just wondering which one is correct.

    Anyway, I really like it. It's social but with a unique twist. Hard to explain. It's something that makes you go: "Hmm, what is that?". I suppose that was the idea behind it. That IT factor it goes for.

    So far I've only worn it at home, but the self-effects are worth mentioning. They are great! They make me pretty relaxed and carefree. I can imagine that if it has similar effects on other people, it will help make social situations more relaxed for everyone. Especially in these stressful Covid times, that would be very helpful.

    First impression: Love it!!

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    vibe is amazing.

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      You'll definitely want to test this one out around other people. Social settings, like parties/hangouts, bars, and events are best for this one. In my experience it makes you seem cool to everyone and just creates an all-around happy and fun vibe wherever you are. I personally don't wear this one in serious environments such as job interviews because it gives a very laid back impression.

      Have fun!
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        I tired vibe but couldn't get along with it
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