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Best products for sleep?

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  • Best products for sleep?

    I've been exploring a few different types of blends - social, status, bonding - and generally speaking the names give you a good idea of what to expect. I'm just not sure about how to encourage restful sleep in someone whose anxiety tends to make her sleep poorly. I would be putting these on myself for effects on her.

    In searching, it seems like Cohesion would potentially help with some relaxation, and possibly Bliss as well. The impression I have is that LPMP Teddy and Phero B2.2 can do this - I wonder if there is a similar sort of XS product? Also, any suggestions beyond these? I saw one thread mention p86 and p96 as options for getting to sleep and I am curious about this as I do have both.

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    Bliss gave me the best sleep I have had in a very long time.


    • WLWphero
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      Thanks - perfectly timed, I will try that one tonight!

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    Bliss for sure.


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      Everyone is saying Bliss but personally I feel like once your chemistry gets used to it, it stops making you as tired. Now I mainly use p96 when I can't sleep. It works for me every single time.
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        Interestingly, for me, 1 drop APi +1 drop Androstadienone (I have the single molecule in oil, 5mcg per drop). It calms, centers and relaxes me so that sleep naturally follows. Unfortunately I don't have difficulty with sleep/anxiety. This is what I use to calm the entire family though when I want an early night bedtime for us all, teehee, secret weapon...

        Bliss didn't "make " me sleepy, but after I'd worn it for the day it used to make me crash and even now that's not often anymore (vitamin supplimention on high energy Bliss days for me make all the difference). But when it did, I slept/sleep like a rock Now it's inconsistent (the heavy sleep following a Bliss day) and Bliss has never made me sleepy, it's a pretty upbeat blend for me, which goes to show why we need to test things and share our findings
        You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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          That's really helpful - I think that, whether it's the pheros or not, the anxiety has eased and sleep is not an issue... unless the pets are having a particularly rambunctious evening!

          I do have both API and A-1, so I will have to give that blend a try. I rarely have difficulty with sleep but my lady sometimes does, due to underlying anxiety. She has been using lavender oil and that seems to be helpful.

          I do think B2.2 and Balm Bomb help in that respect, not sure about Bliss. Cohesion might help though perhaps A-1 alone would offer the same calming without buffers. I love the API and A-1 suggestion, though.


          • NuTrix
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            Good luck!
            Please post, one way or the other, if you do try it

          • KateD
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            Very useful thread as so many of us suffer from anxiety and problems sleeping

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          The API and Androstadienone is a great combo for relaxation and sleep, at least in our household. One drop of API, two drops of the A-1 (I believe it's the 12.5 mcg per drop). Seemed like the people were more relaxed, and perhaps just as importantly, the pets were less rambunctious. Will definitely use this one when needed!

          In general, I feel like Cohesion is helpful. B2.2 is decent for me, as is Balm Bomb, but I think the API/A-1 combo is the most effective I have tried so far. So thanks for that,NuTrix !


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            For me Cohesion is the best relaxer.

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              I would order a lifetime supply of any phero that claimed to be sleep inducing!

              I don't find that there are any that get me particularly sleepy. Relaxed, yes, but not tired.


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                That's helpful to know... I think that is a really important distinction. I think that relaxers are helpful for people who are sleepy but for whom anxiety prevents good sleep from happening, and really that's what most of the responses are (which is good, because essentially that's what I was really asking). But I agree that something that actually induces sleepiness would be amazing and wonderful and, as someone who isn't particularly anxious but who sometimes isn't sleepy at bedtime, I would love to find something for that as well.

                I've been using a drop or two of either Cohesion or A-1 and it seems like there's less overall night time anxiety for my lady. Doesn't seem to make much difference which of them I use.


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                  sounds good to have a sleepy phero created by steve, i don't have anything to apply only saying i would love steveo to bring out a sleepy phero with lavender oil just for blissful sleep lol
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