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Vibe vs Celebrity

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  • Vibe vs Celebrity

    I'm curious what the practical differences are between these products.

    They seem pretty similar socials that they are based off of A-enol and B-enol and both also have Rone Sulfate. However whereas Vibe has Allo-THDOC, Celebrity has erone (status/celebrity..) and a couple other extras. Both may have additional undisclosed molecules as well.

    I've never used celebrity but from what I gather, it's more of a life of the party kind of product? How would you use it and combo it differently than you would with Vibe?

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    I would never think that Celebrity + Vibe are the same. They feel totally different, at least for me.
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      Self effects wise;
      Vibe makes me feel more introverted
      Celebrity makes me feel more confident

      I am still new to these products so I can't give my opinion on effects on others yet, but it seems that Vibe creates a more engaging conversation with others and Celebrity could intimidate others at high dosage

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        Celebrity gives a high-status aura of being someone people respect and admire. Vibe gives off more of a "that person is cool, let's talk to him/her" aura. They're both status blends but Vibe is more about being chill and well-liked whereas celebrity is more about social status.
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          Vibe is nice for parties.

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            Thanks for the replies.

            I'm trying to get a better grasp of some of these standalone socials. Of the two, I'd say Vibe probably fits my personality better and I do have a sample of that. Celebrity.. maybe. Depends on my mood and the circumstances I suppose. I'll probably end up ordering one or both of these at some point and will try to share some of my experiences.


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