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newbie needs advice

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  • newbie needs advice

    I am new to pheromones, and as an older married man (60) I bought the A.C.E pack along with boyfriend. I want to spark things up with my wife of 42 years, we have a good relationship, but just want to kick it up a bit sexually. is there a single or combo that you would recommend?
    i have seen a small response from what I bought, but was hoping for more.

    my wife's bff is a very attractive, and intelligent woman, as is my wife. I enjoy her company very much. Her husband is also my friend, and we spend a lot of time together. However she seems guarded around me, or nervous. There is no sexual agenda in our friendship, as I am very faithful to my wife. however what would you recommend to get her to let down her guard, around me? But also perhaps make me more social. I find intelligent women very intriguing, and would like more and deeper conversations.

    i would appreciate any guidance on one or both points. Thank you.

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    With people that are very familiar with us, a gradual ramping up may be prudent. With Post menopausal ladies I find It take blends with a LOT of Enone in them to get them thinking about sex. A lot of enone can be difficult to handle though, the line between excitement and fear isn't super wide. Cutting to the chase I would say evolve for days you think will end in the sack.

    I really think a lot of the socials and intimates can raise the quality of her life. To laugh, to talk, to have meaningful conversations and communications can bring back essential sparks and make it easier to appreciate life and lives of others.

    Really you are asking about the whole range of products but start with basics, Xist and Xist and loveboat for more intimacy, cohesion to draw her closer if distance is a problem but Crush is similar and more lively for me but its a very personal thing, each guy is different but the ladies like both, cohesion for calm closeness and crush for lively closeness but some people can't wear crush. I don't wear a ton of connections it is intensely honest and deep conversation, I reserve it for ladies I'm very interested in. I like some single molecules, Pregnenolone adds sparkle as do blends made with it. I like small doses of ANONE like 5mcg, no more, for familiarity and I feel sexually confident.

    Socials are harder to recommend because it depends on personalities. I seem to like the socials under the artesian subcategory but I wouldn't go there until you have at least tried samples of the mainstays. Bliss, Vibes and Flirt.

    Taboo has some a1 in it for comfort and closeness, it also has social molecules as well as attractive male pheromones. It's a lot all rolled into one. It's seems to disarm guys and the girls aren't afraid to be around me. Might work for your friends wife. I have been wearing it often around mixed company with pleasant results. Brings out a nicer side of people, nice attractive and comfortable to be around. It attracts younger girls but there doesn't seem to be enough enone in it to alarm the older gals so even though its supposed to be an attractant I wear it as a social.

    I know its too much but you asked. Make sure you ask for samples, make a list of things to try and request them in remarks. Put them on your Wishlist, sometimes they will look at that , sometimes they just throw some stuff at random but at least get samples of the major blends, see if they are the direction you want to go or not. They work for the majority but for me i go to those Artisans. And keep posting and we can get more specific over time, start a journal helps too.

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      Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It gives me some research and testing to do.


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        Also thank you for the suggestion to request samples.


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          sure thing

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