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Combos for Gym Game (Personal Trainer +)

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  • Combos for Gym Game (Personal Trainer +)

    Hey guys. New to the Mone Community. I’ll cut to the chase. There’s a cute personal trainer I’m working with over the next 6 weeks. We meet 2 days a week, bumping it up to three in August. Want to see how well the pheromones work. I’m a bit skinny and put off a “let’s just be friends” vibe (just being honest).

    For context: I met up with her once a few days ago to sign up for sessions. I was just chilling that day; made a joke or two, no major impression. If anything I was a little introverted.

    Today I used 2 oil drops of Xist on my neck and a spray of Bliss on each of my wrists. I know folks say just use one for the first time but I wanted to make an good impression. Honestly? The Bliss was awesome! I know the effectiveness of my jokes & I was peddling some soft balls, but she was smiling & laughing hard, complimenting my form. I know some of this is just professionalism (and maybe having good squat game), but I really think the Bliss worked!

    What would y’all recommend using for the next 6 weeks meeting up with her? Just being real, if I play my cards right, I wanna hook up + date by the end of our sessions.

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