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Ascend and/or Taboo for dating

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  • Ascend and/or Taboo for dating

    So the other week I went on a coffee date with this British/Pakistani girl aged 30, I am aged 30 also, but White/Caucasian. It went well and she asked if I wanted to meet up again and we are this Friday and we are gonna go bowling and maybe something to eat.

    On the coffee date I had on Ammo 3 sprays (this was my sweet spot) and 1 spray of Instant Shine x2. I had some left over from a while ago.

    If I had the old A314 I would go with 1 drop and 2 sprays of ammo.

    So anyway, I ended up deciding on getting a couple of XS products to test and I finally ended up puting in a order of Ascend and Taboo spray.

    So my question is what would be better for the date Ascend or Taboo or both?

    I wish they where A314 and Ammo, but I know they are of their own kind, so different.

    I am more interested in a LTR.

    I am thinking 2 sprays of Taboo and 1 of Ascend seeing as I won't get much time to "test them out" before the date, so just wanting other people's thoughts as I am new to these particular products.

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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    If you don't understand what each mix does solo, try them that way first. The GOALS system on the PXS page for each product tells you what to expect.
    XS - Xist oil, Cohesion oil, API oil, Taboo oil, Ascend w cops, Evolve, Connections, Love Boat, Exotica, P96, Crush sample, SOB sample, Barely Legal sample, XSport sample.

    A314 rev 32 oil, IG, IS, P86, A314 spray.


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      I would say that you can't go wrong with 1x Ascend + 2x Taboo, it's a safe combo

      However, if your Ascend is a Spray be aware that congruence with the product is important to make it work

      If you're worried you can put on 2-3x Taboo Solo it should be fine
      Ascend Oil (double cops) - Evolve Oil - Taboo Oil & Spray - XiSt Oil & Spray - Cohesion Oil & Spray - Bliss Oil & Spray - Sob Oil & Spray - Celebrity Spray - LoveBoat Spray - Vibe Spray - Connections Spray - Innocence Spray

      all cover scented with Pepper & Nutmeg


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        What type of Ascend is it?

        I’d go with just Taboo solo personally.


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          Just Taboo solo, no Ascend needed imo.


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            I have both but my ascend is oil with cops, the taboo is spray, I didn't get any special with taboo and I tried with Many girls and differents situations, 1 spray, 2 sprays up to 3 sprays but nothing, I still have some but almost gone, i was thinking get the taboo oil but idk, my ascend oil with cops is the best I ever tried, in my job and sometimes with women the effects are very excited.
            My arsenal: Ascend oil with cops, xist spray (unscented), taboo spray (unscented) vibe spray (almost gone), evolve Spray (unscented)
            Barely legal spray (unscented)
            Alter ego, Alpha7 scented
            Instant honesty


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              1 spray of ascending won't screw anything up. women like a man that had some plans and are on their way. Ascend even at one spray can send a message like that.

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                Taboo is a good standalone product, but the two most common mixes are Taboo+Xist and Taboo+Xist+LB. I've never heard of Taboo+Ascend. Personally I'd just solo Taboo.


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                  Also, why didnt you get products like Evolve, tailored for dating scenario.


                  Ad down