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Do You Tell Your Partner or Spouse About Pheromones?

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  • Do You Tell Your Partner or Spouse About Pheromones?

    I just saw a thread on the female forum similar this (more along the lines of sharing with friends), and it's something I've been pondering about for a while. Mainly, if you get into a relationship, perhaps with the help of pheromones, at any point would you reveal them to your partner / spouse? I think pheromones are the only thing I have not directly divulged - and I have lots of secrets that I am open about once I fully trust someone.

    I may reveal it, because it would be fun to have them experiment with me, and I have an idea of how to do it. The only concern I have is that they'll be left wondering if I'm making them feel an emotion or if it's the mones - I wouldn't want them to doubt their intuitions or the relationship as a whole. I guess their perception would also depend on how much they believe in pheromones.

    At the same time, I hate the idea of keeping a secret from a partner or love interest. Actually, I am sometimes too honest - perhaps a flaw of mine, and perhaps that's why I feel guilty keeping it under wraps.

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    Nope she has no idea.
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      Originally posted by Scottie2Hottie View Post
      Nope she has no idea.
      Agree. Most partners would probably think the worst
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        I don’t think it’s wise to tell the secret so I have never told anyone.


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