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How do men respond to pheros designed to attract women?

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  • How do men respond to pheros designed to attract women?

    Good evening phero-fam. I recently put in my order for XIST oil. I got hooked off 3 samples they sent me (God damn it XS...Those samples over 2 purchases made me a believer) but was wondering if XIST would have any effects on men as it contains trace -none molecules. I've definitely had some gay men fawning after I put on Ascend but have never wondered how this would affect them or straight men as -none signals dominance. Does anyone have any experience wearing XIST around both gay and straight men? Thanks in advance!
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    I've already addressed the Enone content in XiSt.
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      I'm aware of that; I asked if the small amounts in XIST had any noticeable effects near men both straight and gay.


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