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    I usually only post questions and technical stuff but since I've ordered my Xist oil and experimented with it i've had some hits. So I thought I should share one. So I was working on a festival, and there was a girl there which worked last year aswell. We don't really know each other. Or have talked much. When I came and gave her a hug i noticed she was a lot more "on to me". Came close to me. touched med. I was like hmm, she never does this? Is it because of Xist? Then it keeps escalating. She gropes my butt a couple of times. And she is completley sober. At one point she just comes close and kisses me on the cheek.
    I had brought a sample bottle filled with Xist/taboo so i could apply it again after a couple of hours but noticed it had spilled out in my pocket. I wonder if this was the reason she was so forward? Because later in the night she wasnt like that. Still very interesting

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    That's expected. I hate that XIST is so powerful for hits like you just described. I still prefer Ascend for general everyday activities as I like the automatic respect from the males as well. I'm sitting in starbucks right now wearing Ascend and this barista keeps coming to wipe my table every 45minutes. A table that's been spotless for the last 2 hours I sat here. lol


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      Haha! I've had other hits aswell. a friend of a friend sat next to me. and started leaning her head on me. and wanting to take selfies with me.
      she never usually does that. in fact i didnt even think she liked me before. its great stuff. gonna make a fat order now with p96, xist, sob and other stuff


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        Nice hit! Xist is very powerful. I like to mix it with Ascend, Cohesion, and Taboo (1 spray of everything) but works really well as a standalone too!
        PXS Product Content Spreadsheet:
        Sprays: Bliss, SOB, Xist, Taboo, Evolve, Cohesion, Dominant Ascend, Exotica, Ascend (with and without cops), Limitless
        Oils: Xist, Cohesion, Desire Me for Men, Massage Oil for Men
        Samples: SOB, Crush, Bliss, Evolve, Thinker, Odyssey, Vibe, Flirt, Barely Legal, Celebrity
        AMMO (1.0), IS, IG, IJ, IH, IO, CTTM 2, TUTH (1.0 and 1.1), p74, p83, p93, p100, Spaceland, MX 297, MX 272, MX 291, Lip Magnet


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