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  • xist exposure time?

    hey fellas,

    ive been using Xist for a few weeks now on my target. I know it’s a slow burner and takes time but is poweful. The girl I’m targeting I see a few times a week. Sometimes I see her for a few hours a day or sometimes it’s just a minute here minute there type thing. How much time should she be in range for the Xist to be effective? Is it instant or does it require some time?

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    Xist takes time. It takes long periods of time repeated many times. For example, 1-2 hour exposures repeated for several sessions days apart. The BEST use of Xist is if you wear it around someone for a few days/weeks and then disappear/become busy and then see them again. That period of absence makes them crave/miss you a lot. You can still see benefits with 10 minute exposures here and there but really need at least an hour for maximal effect. In my experience, 10 minutes minimum. Xist is very special and is not an instant hitter like other mones (although you will still see effects!) but it works on a deeper level
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