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Effects of Naked Gun on other men?

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  • Effects of Naked Gun on other men?

    So recently I picked up a bottle of Naked Gun, and while I'm excited to use it I was curious how it might affect others with me.

    So I'll give a scenario - in a couple of weeks I'll be heading to Barcade with my Buddy. From what I have read on posts, it has a small radius, only a few inches - but my concern is that in the car ride down, with windows closed that it might linger.

    I'm not expecting him to want to get naked but was more worried that he might get confrontational with me - that would lead him to not being the best wingman I could have for the night.

    What experiences have others had with mones like Naked Gun around other guys?

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    Where did you read it has a radius of only a few inches? It projects just like any other spray. I've tested it at work a few times and it's never adversely affected any men. The being said I'm curious how it will play out in confined quarters. While it is a sexual, it is very complex. It's greatest attribute is disinhibition.
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      I’ll have to find the post, it was from some experiences other users had


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        regardless, you should be about the make it radiant more if you wear your normal cover scent. underneath it.
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          I think it's pse that is a smaller cloud
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