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To Scent or Not To Scent

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  • To Scent or Not To Scent

    That is the question...

    I hear PXS products work just fine unscented, but I did some reading on Apex products where it almost needs to be scented to be effective. Hell, Thundr himself even said that even the unscented versions are lightly scented to help with diffusual because completely unscented would be a waste of money for the consumer.

    I suppose my question more comes to cover sprays now. I have always waited a minute (or preferably two) before applying cover sprays on top, but would it be recommended to apply the cover spray as soon as possible?

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    I think Thundr recommended Core to be scented back then but it’s been years for that thread. Even PXS didn’t have DT back then I believe. There must be new diffusion tech adapted by other companies by now. One of the post I’ve read mentioned unscented Core even project very well because of Iso E Super in it.

    Swoon however is recommended to get it scented because of the heavy molecule, Astaxanthin. I got mine in Vanilla.

    I do get most of my pheros scented though. I’d choose base note or light enough that can go well with any cover cologne if I need to add more cover. PT, I have all my pheros in Vanilla. PXS in FXS for instance.

    If it’s a spray, I cover extra cologne on different app points. If it’s oil, I use two methods. One is to spray cover cologne 10-20 minutes after directly on app points. Another is to spray while the oil is still a bit wet and rub and mix them. I only do the latter if I want it to fastburn the diffusion or if the phero has heavy molecule.


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