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Testosterone with pheromones question

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  • Testosterone with pheromones question


    I am curious to know more about how can testosterone products like taurine for example , can modify our pheromones levels , maybe it make you mor intimidating or ''alpha '' status ? or what king of effects can have on our signature ? I am trying to find some information on that because I know that taurine produce Testosterone when is taked and I am a little bit scared to upping my level of testosterone can produce negative effects when using pheromones ,like for example too much intimidation . My natural signature is good normally without testosterone supps,so i don't want to alterate this change too much . If someone know more about this ,I would love to hear more . Any tips or opinions/info are welcome . Thank you in advance

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    Whoa, I had no idea about this. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know taurine can boost testosterone.

    I will say that, as someone who regularly does blood tests every few months to monitor their health, I have noticed when my testosterone levels are higher, that I need less pheromones. I don't know what the perfect balance is, because it fluctuates. But I tend to go light on sprays and if I need more I add more. I used to use a lot and do lots of combos, but now I use products standalone first to figure out how much I need by themselves, and then layer them or increase sprays. The smaller bottles are great for that. I even like sometimes keeping the tiny sample bottles and carrying them in my pocket.


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      The two that come to mind; staple products: Ascend and SOB. I have given one of my friends who usually doesn't have high testosterone and he begun working out 7 months ago, and maaan did he change! Now that hes at your level of stability it sounds like I gave him some P131 and SOB. People seems to not feel intimidated. So just try it, you can;t really mess up anything without trial and error. Also try to wear a cover scent that says refined, or sticking clear I'd say of "sporty" colognes since you already have that sporty natural signature you don't need to amplify it even more.
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