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What to do about androstadienone fatigue?

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  • What to do about androstadienone fatigue?

    Hi all, I am very sensitive to androstadienone. After about 2 hours I become completely drained, anxious and utterly socially inept. So for me, any blend with dienone are a no go. Do any of you have suggestions for how to deal with the negative effects?

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    Even though I'm not hypersensitive to it, I try to spray it far from my face. I spray it on my back, shoulder blades or abdomen. I can wear it for 2 or three days then need to get away from it but these areas help me wear more of it. Try xsp96. Counterintuitively, I get along better with it straight than mixed with enone. I like crush better than cohesion but me and enone don't get along and cohesion has enone in it.

    Instead of relaxation a1 actually creates a slow creeping anxiety in me, enone amplifies it and I often recall my father when I wear it as if he may have produced a lot of A1 naturally and I'm suffering a conditioned response instead of a chemical. This helps me brush it off but after a couple days I need some sleep.

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