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Masks stopping mone effectiveness

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  • Masks stopping mone effectiveness

    Welp, I'm back to work. I been back since Oct 13th. But now everyone has a n95 mask on. Mandated policy by the studio. So it seems like my mone usage is just a waste. We are required to stay 6ft apart, even though that doesn't always happen, but with masks I got to wonder is using mones now useless? you can't smell much of anything with an N95 mask on.

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    I have been thinking about putting a drop inside a mask. I often wear pheromones just for me. n95 and six feet is gonna be tough, even if they would work then your distance goes under 6 feet and you are in trouble. People that really want to maintain 6 feet will l be tempted to close the gap so attraction mones kind of work against the policy.

    That all said I wear them out of habit anyhow but people around here with our restaurant capacity regulation end up being more like 10 feet. That's a stretch even on a good day with nice temps humidity skin condition and air current flow.

    Another idea might be to try adding some dispersion technology and some xsr32 or some other amplifiers. I'm out of DT though so I haven't tried it.

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      maybe add a drop or drop on the outside of the mask, on the inside would be pointless, only you would smell it!
      over here not everyone wears the n95, even in the uk, people use washable ones
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        Seriously, with a good cover it still works.


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          I've been wearing truepheromones body lotion pheromone which is 60ml bottle size and it's been working way better for me in covid than other products. It is a unisex product and applying a pea size on finger and rubbing my whole neck with it then applying cologne right ontop (been using club de nuit) with it's great projection and silage, it makes people more relaxed, chatty and lingery? If that makes sense.

          especially since lotions, creams are known to prolonge cologne, pheromones staying length, I think it is the next step in technology when it comes to duration.

          High projection colognes really pass through the n95 masks. So spraying it on that pheromoned lotion, pheromones too bypass the masks I feel


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            I am still looking for the right men's body lotion. My skin is getting dryer with age and I need a male product for the scent but with the effectiveness of a woman's lotion. They are light years ahead of us in effectiveness per dollar. I guess I need to shop harder but all I've played with are a scented product that is kinda floral and some over expensive womens anti aging stuff. Olay Regenerist actually worked but the Walmart substitute is way off the mark. It just really irks me to pay 5 dollars for woman's stuff and 10 or 15 for mens. If they had samples.

            I agree that pheromones work better off a moisturized skin.

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              I am experimenting with scents and Iso E Super etc to aid more diffusion and long range throw to overcome the mask situation, or atleast minimise the mask barrier. I did this before i joined this place and was randomly using it with no accurate tests. But i think it has a huge potential.

              I will start from scratch and test again with keeping records. I have a dry skin as heck in winter, but i never paid any attention to the moisturizer aspect, even though i had heard it many times from other testers. Will look at it too.
              Experiment, Experiment, Experiment !!!


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                very interested in some madly scientific experiments I have not sprung for iso e super yet

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                Stay tuned for more mad experiment haha

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