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  • Let's Talk About DominationXS

    There's not much on XS outside of journals on DominationXS. Let's Talk About this awesome product!

    1 drop Domination solo. First time getting to test it solo. Unfortunately, my new schedule doesn't afford me all the time I would like to test my singles. Domination isn't a single, but it's limited in its molecule count.

    From XS site:

    Each "Domination-XS" Male Pheromone Blend bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in dropper containing: Androstenone, Androstanone, 2 additional super sexual masculine pheromone molecules, Dipropylene Glycol.

    56 mg per 10ml bottle at 188 mcg per drop

    Wow. This slaps me in the sinuses, lol. I get an initial fuzzy feeling that passes in the first 10 minutes. This sh*t is POTENT. It's oil based and still hits me like a freight train A slight spacey feeling sticks with me for much longer though.

    At 1 drop solo, I pretty much feel like myself. Mood is the same. More motivated to do things that need done. Almost a slight headache, more like a hint, as though wearing it solo, unbuffered by other blends/molecules, is making it too intense? I haven't felt this when wearing it along with other products. This too passes within the hour.

    I would like to get a good feel for it before I give it to my Mr. and want to try to avoid Enone aggression of any kind.

    After wearing it in tandem (yes, I totally cheated and wore it with other blends in my impatence to try it..) I don't see an agression issue, but I have not worn more than 1 drop at all yet, lol, so it has been buffered very well with other blends.

    Personal thoughts on Domination: general
    This isn't intended to be worn as a stand alone, so I have been adding to comboes I know and love well, to see how it changed the dynamic.

    So far in that area:

    Added sense of confidence.
    Strut/swagger in my walk like Enone has always brought me

    More assertive, as in initiating conversations and interactions.

    No irritability or aggitation symptomatic of Enone OD at 1 drop in tandem with other blends.

    *Surprise to me - male blends, like APi and Ascend, have brought a calm and /or seriousness often when I've worn them. This has not yet (though I would expect seriousness, at least, at higher doses) behaved this way as an add on.

    As an add on, at 1 drop, it has mainly increased my assertiveness and self assurance/confidence.

    At 1 drop in tandem, Domination has not reduced my approachability either.

    I will be adding this information to my male blends testing thread when I've gotten more solo and Mr testing done, but I really like this little "beastie" so far for its intended purpose of an add on.

    I would like to know how others are using and finding Domination.

    Please share for the community!
    You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~

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    I use it to add oomph to my strength workouts at 1 drop. It does increase aggression even at the minimum dose, but that's what I'm looking for in a gym setting.

    Effects on others? Very polarizing across gender lines. Males are standoffish and cut interactions short, females actually seem to prolong interactions with jokes, tangential comments, etc.


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