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  • help!!

    Good evening ..... I live in Greece

    I want to help with your pheromone specialist how to find tips, tips and personalized help with the properly functioning XS XIST pheromones???

    Have a nice day and have a great rest of the week.

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    What exact with Xist do you need help with?

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    • zoupas panagiotis
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      yes , because i put 2 pheromone sprays in the end there is no girl to meet .but for friends nothing changes in her eyes ..... that's a question ... maybe I'm wrong and the tips are missing??????

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    yes.......need help with Xist .. because i put 2 pheromone sprays in the end there is no girl to meet .... but for friends nothing changes in her eyes ..... that's a question ... maybe I'm wrong and the tips are missing??????



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      Xist will help her look at you like you are a new person but you have to show her a new personality. It also works by making them think about you when you are not there. It often helps to spend a few hours then don't contact for a couple days and let her miss your companionship. Find a way to spend 2 or three hours with her then don't call or see her for a couple days, she will think you somehow changed and miss you, try to show her another side of yourself that you think she might like.

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        thank you so much, a help ...... to ask you last ...

        to put 2 pheromones xist xs evolve xs combination helps a lot come her alone ???


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          do not understand, "come here alone" Please translate again.

          Evolve is best when you think you might have sex that same evening.

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            sorry ..... i didn't write well .... i am greece ...

            i have a girlfriend .... contact my girlfriend .... when i get pheromone xist xs it doesn't catch (maybe my mistake something is missing)

            i am thinking of putting 2 pheromones xist xs and evolve xs with us ??


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              They both work differently.

              Xist imprint you on her memory and she thinks about you when you are absent. People use it to get old girlfriends to return to them.

              Evolve is much better for sex, It is designed to start off as social and fun and several hours later get her excited. It works slow so it seems more natural to her.

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                thanks a lot .... a tip ..... last question

                xist xs - evolvexs ??? does it help to look more natural to her?



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                  xist can be worn anytime anywhere, it is natural>

                  Evolve starts out natural and fun but gets sexual. If you are not making out, it is pretty strong and may not seem natural to everybody.

                  Xist is good around friends , mostly girls but guy friends too. Also good around people you don't know.

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                    thanks for the contribution ......
                    i will try together xist xs - evolve xs
                    if i have never managed separately yes xist xs ..... thanks ...


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                      good morning dear me .... a question ...

                      combination xist xs together with cohesio xs starts natural and emotion to wake up on her own, girl come ??? because I'm sticky with this girl ....


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                        Cohesion with xist works well for me
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