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I'm sorry, XS193 (Boyfriend).

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  • I'm sorry, XS193 (Boyfriend).

    I have to apologise because i'm no longer going to use it.

    I posted about XS193 quite a while ago, saying that it's an amazing product except when the wearer is already starting off with a not-so-great mood. That is true, it really is a holy grail product: everyone likes you more, the social lubricant aspect is incredible, people compete for your attention (and more), etc. But the self effects are just too much for me personally.

    Now, in no way am I saying this product is not good for everyone. Hell, I'm not even saying it's not good for one other person. It's only not good for me because I find that wearing this product instantly lowers my mood, and keeps it there for quite a while.

    You may wonder: well don't the hits make up for it? After all, how difficult can it be to be in a good mood when two beautiful women are clearly competing for your attention? I have to say that the negative mood this product puts me in makes it difficult to enjoy anything at all. Everything becomes overanalysed, it becomes much easier to slip into an "anxious" state, each small event takes on a negative tone. People who have experienced the tiniest of flirtations with depression will relate.

    And I've tried. One spray, two sprays, three sprays. Neck, wrist, hair, you name it. +Bliss, +P74, +Ascend, +Cohesion, +Evolve, +Loveboat, hell, even +SOB. I've tried several combinations and none of them seem to get rid of the negative energy of this product.

    The feeling I'm describing should be familiar to those of you who are A1 sensitive.

    I find it highly unlikely that @SteveO would make a product that is not good for people who are A1 sensitive, seeing as I can use Cohesion all the time and its totally okay for me. So perhaps it is something else I'm reacting badly to.

    I said earlier that I'm no longer going to use XS193. Perhaps that's not set in stone. Has anyone here experienced something similar, and how have you got around it? I genuinely love this product, it has such wonderful, consistent hits; but as it stands, it is unusable for me right now.

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    I like your honest feed back!

    I love Boyfriend and fortunately don't have any adverse effects.

    I did struggle with Bliss in the beginning. Just overly tired after use, wiped out. Not depressive, just a bit of a crash I suppose. I supplement with extra D and B vitamins now when I plan to wear it, when I wear any blend that seems to require more energy, lol.

    I wonder if anyone else can suggest something to counter the effects of what you are experiencing?

    Thank you for sharing, and sorry this product may not be for you. Good thing Steve has SO many others to choose from!
    You're never too old to learn NuTrix ^_~


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    I had some minor depression but I related that to my thinking. I used it and a woman talked all afternoon about how she didn't want a boyfriend. Depressing to have it create its intended effect only to bring so many objections to relationships in general to the surface. When I was young I would counter all arguments but today I don't argue because I indeed have the same human failings as any other man and I'm a bit too honest and lie and convince somebody that I'm Mister wonderful 24/7. It's this kind of thinking that depressed me, not so much the product.

    A1 either doesn't hit me badly or hits me stupidly hard for the most trivial reasons. today I wore one spray cohesion and 1/2 Loveboat. One melancholy sentence and tears were welling up that wouldn't stop until I wiped down with a wet paper towel. After that it was all lovey dovey. Just 1 1/2 frickin sprays and a wipedown!!!.
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      Thanks for feedback. i tried boyfriend and personally does not wow me. talking about A1, it sure affects women greatly, but its unfortunately some men have negative self effects, including me. even thought i have try it buffered , somehow it still has its negative influence one way of another. for now on i have a goal and challenge, to dont use A1 anyways, gonna try p96 to see the similarities, to see if i dont get affected as it states.


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        I can only really tolerate a half spray of boyfriend. Too me I just felt totally over stimulated and spaced out I haven't tested it much because of this.

        Do we know if Boyfriend has A1?



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          doesn't feel the same to me. I will have to try half a spray. Never went there, I went higher because it wasn't working for me but never lower. I think I got the "no boyfriends for me" speach at two or three, though I've been up to 4.

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