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Question on mixing fragrance oil

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  • Question on mixing fragrance oil

    Quick question on mixing fragrance oil purchased from XS.
    On the web site it looks like you mix 0.5 ml per 10 ml bottle of pheromones.
    Or 200 drops of pheromones to 10 drop of oil. (20:1)
    Is this correct?

    I am wanting to play around with the cover scent of FXS and Nobilty to just get enough scent to cover the mones.

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    There seems to be some uncertainty regarding drop volume which would determine how many drops to use. This is why I use pipettes.


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      Pipettes are much more precise indeed.


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        Personally, I just use my nose as a guide when adding fragrance oil. Drop a few in then shake well, leave it for a day then smell it the next day.


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          I ask the question to get a starting point. For me the ACE combo all in ADG is a little much, so I am gonna try to add some FXS to some samples I have.
          Only looking to cover the pheromone scent in the stronger ones such that I can use my own cover cologne.
          I don't like being the guy the you can smell coming and going.


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            Are you guys talking about adding oils to already mixed pheromone blends? I have 2 bottles I dont like the cover scent and I want to add one of my perfume oils and not sure if it will change the chemistry at all since they came to me with cover scents already. Anyone know?
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              That is exactly what I am talking about but I am talking about the unscented mones.


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                Originally posted by Oncearound View Post
                That is exactly what I am talking about but I am talking about the unscented mones.
                I think I have done it all wrong, because I used 20ml perfume oil with 10ml pheromone (babe) in oil, poured everything down in a 30ml bottle with a pipette. After a couple of days shaking I had a perfume oil that hid the smell of Babe! The blend work like a charm though, and that is all what matters.

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