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XS Cover Scents Dissipating

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  • XS Cover Scents Dissipating

    I’m noticing that the cover scents for pheros I order seem to dissipate within a few hours leaving me with just the phero scent.
    I usually go with the fresh scent of XS, Cool Water, and Acqua.
    Is this the norm for my selection or all XS cover scents?
    Should I just stick with purchasing a cologne and cover with that?

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    Hasn’t happened to me, but I do scent it myself. I use nobility, and I’m looking to start on Le Male. Acqua on me lasted 40+ hours and two showers tho.


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      I don't know that they dissipate to quickly but I only have a couple. They are mixed at eue de toilette strength though and many of my designer originals at that strength start to fade in a few hours. Fresh scents tend to dissipate quickly in general and what you have left are the base notes. I am finding my skin chemistry changing with the summer but that, for me at least is making things stronger.

      Its frustrating I know, every once in a while I bump into a clone that really lasts and isn't harsh and other times I pay a lot for stuff that doesn't last more than a couple hours. Its even worse when other talk about how great it is and how long it lasts and such. I just chalk it up to skin types, diet and I'm real suspicious about soaps.

      And then there are a few that I can't smell but other people can. Those make me screw up and put on too much. I have two women that I can ask what they think of a cologne. Perhaps ask someone else if they can still smell the scent.


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        Thanks for the replies and explanation on the scents. I think the best way to find out is what you do yourself M…just ask others how it smells. 👍🏼
        I think that’s why so many people over spray colognes anyway, they just become desensitized to the scent or wearer’s sense of smell is weak.


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