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Goal System and Research Molecules and Putatives

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  • Goal System and Research Molecules and Putatives

    While our main blends have been classified and fit into the Goal system, Our Research Molecules and Putatives have not. Most of our own reviews don't mention the emotions these molecules elicit and if they don't, it's hard to figure where they fit in with the goal system. Instead, we focus on outcomes.

    To classify molecules into the goal system we have to work in emotions though.

    The primary purpose of this thread is just a coarse classification of these molecules by emotions elicited by them in ourselves and in others. With some agreement, we may then discern possible goal(s). Emotions are often different shades of the same thing, if we can find agreement with the emotions Steve has listed so much the better and simpler for our purposes of goal classification.

    Our emotional vocabularies are individual and vary in breadth and beliefs in their origins. To avoid controversy, It would be considerate of each other to allow and respect each other beliefs. Their origins are why we have different feelings about the same thing.

    Bolded in the quote below are the emotions we want to try to focus on. Steve's original bolding is now in Italics.

    Whatever picture you hold as your outcome, it needs to be defined with an emotional response, leading us to our next step:
    Define the emotional responses associated with a successful outcome

    The situations we might encounter, as mentioned in step 1, appear to be completely different. We like to believe what happens to us is unique and that nobody else really gets it. We’ve all heard it, and probably said it, “you just don’t know how it is for me.” The reality is that every situation has an underlying connection of powerful emotions that are the same for all of us. We might experience those emotions differently but they are the same emotions.

    We have therefore taken each emotion and categorized them into 8 emotional responses as attributed to pheromones. They are: Content, Excited, Optimistic, Friendly, Happy, Courageous, Loving and Pleasurable.

    Understanding these emotional responses we’ve strategically labeled each of our 8 GOALS to correspond with them:
    Calming * Engaging * Status * Social * Playful * Flirting * Intimate * Sexual
    Use our handy search-filter to see every product that matches your GOALS
    All Research Molecules, Putatives or unclassified Betas, Artisans or custom blends apply. Feel free to include descriptions from other threads or item descriptions to augment real research.

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    XSp88 Content >Exciteable> Optimistic.

    The optimism was partly because I had a new target I was looking for. It carried over though even though she had the day off. The replacements baristas coffee was weak and pastry presentation were poor but I said to myself she has potential too and wasn't phased.

    I was content and calm, I went to get an oil change and the wait was three hours. My decisions were quick but not rash and without negative emotions over not getting it done. I just politely left and said not today. This is the third time I've worn this and calm in the midst of something that would normally make me a little nervous overshadowed momentary irritations. Another time a young girl showed attraction and I was surprised because she was young but calmed right down too.

    I had a desire to be friendly instead of rude. Accommodating instead of judgmental.
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      I've edited my above post to reflect an order of emotions. This one (xsp88) is quite odd that it can elicit three that escalate.


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