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Do you rub your Pheromone Oil Products in? Using hand soap could be ruining your results

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    Originally posted by SteveO View Post

    We were testing wipes for a while, but very cost inefficient. $5 would be the very minimum if I remember correctly. We sent out a whole bunch as free samples. I am sure we have all the materials. I'll make a few for yah so you can see what you think.
    Definetely something which could be interesting, imagine a pheromone wipe in cool condom looking packet with a funny pic, to leave in your pocket for a night out incase 'things get heated' unexpectedly
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      i dont think wipes are necessary. my solution for a night out clubbing or so is to put some amount of the blend in 2 m"l spray bottle.
      i think its less weird then carrying like 2-5 wipes anyway haha

      other then that, i love the euro droppers but i guess there is a problem of infecting them when i dab from the bottle.

      id say, the best solution is simply a bottle with a sprayer, it works for me with all the oils so far and its common for cosmetics, my beard oil come in atomizer.
      the only thing that need to be figured out is dosage.
      i think that if steveo or some other brave fellow will make a chart that compare dosage for oils from euro droppers, bulbs and different atomizers for same consistency oils, that would be perfect.

      about soaps, its very hard to see how a soap would do any harm.
      besides that, what does it matter what bacteria you have on you're hands? you rub it on other places that do have bacteria.
      the bacteria on you're skin or lack there of, will effect the blend over time but you have nothing to do about it.
      and soaps dont kill bacteria anyway.


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